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On Drg Drsya Viveka 1: The Seer

For every scene there is identification. Identifying with the eye is the materialist i. Identifying with the eye of the mind is the conceptual i. Beyond the mind is the real I.

The material eye consummates in scientific inquiry. The conceptual eye incubates theories and conceives belief. But the real I self-destructs in self-awareness.

Alas, the Big Bang Theory has become the latest religion. Henceforward, real scientific exploration shall be called self-inquiry. Or Seer Seen Viveka.

a. pure consciousness

The purity of pure consciousness is not a moral purity but a nonconceptual one.

Another name for impure consciousness is attention. Attention is reflected consciousness. Or pure consciousness upon which egoic thought is super-imposed.

Pure consciousness is nonconceptual knowing, self-luminous seeing, and nondual intelligence.

b. to my beloved mount desert island

They say kensho happens when you aren't looking but I am. For me, the seascapes, mountainviews, and hidden ponds of Acadia National Park shine behind every turn of the trail.

Although the Acadian mountains aren't that high relatively speaking, their base begins at sea level and beyond to the Laurentian Abyss. Such is their absolute altitude.

Cadillac Mountain is the highest at 1530 ft. It's also the first place to see the winter east coast sunrise.

I hiked it once on Earth Day when no cars were allowed upon the summit road. And I hiked it one summer day on its great eastern trail and met up with a wedding party.

One of my favorite spots on the mountain is Eagle Point where Sanford Robinson Gifford sketched his Mount Desert in 1865.

It's overlooking the 1850 Otter Creek of Frederic Edwin Church. And the anonymous Gulf of Maine beyond.

c. to one seer and its two or three eyes

There appear to be three seers. But two are actually insentient without the real one.

And some say there are four seers dividing parabrahman into the saguna and nirguna witnesses.

There is one seer. All other seers may be phenomenal but they are not that I beyond I am.

d. to the penobscot

an artful inukshuk looks upon

the long rose granite slope of dawnland

and beyond is the unbelievable bay of fundy

e. the walrus says

In avidya, I appear to be two eyes.

To seek me is regressus ad infinitum.

For I am you goo goo g'joob.

x. be the sea

Never wait for the next wave

but be the sea a la Li Po—

act three, scene Basho 

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