Saturday, March 30, 2024

I, Parabrahman. An Easter Egg.

Asking who is Atman is like asking who am I. The only difference in the questions is a grammatical one.

The upanishadic rishis answer both questions in their highest revelations, the mahavakyas. Atman is Brahman. I am Brahman.

And Brahman is that which is talked about in two ways. Nirguna Brahman is the unconditional godhead. Saguna Brahman is the conditional God of Maya.

And we are Brahman but due to original ignorance do not know it. Thankfully, sage revelations point the way. It’s up to us to clear away the personal clutter: what am I not?

In the analysis of seer and seen, what I’m able to know, I am not. Thus I’m not the body, breath, mind, intellect, or karma.

Neither am I the waking state of the world nor the dreaming state of the mind. Most provocative, I’m not even the absence of duality witnessed in deep sleep.

Not only am I not the known I'm not the unknown. I am the knower, the seer, pure consciousness!

Along with pure existence and holistic bliss infinity, I am satcitananda, another name for Brahman.

Have faith, for the revelation of the mahavakyas is not to be believed but confirmed. Beyond the individual is the universal. And beyond the I-am is I, Parabrahman.

a. april come she will

April is the month of reincarnation. It's not as much a cruel month as a karmic one. For in the perennial world, you reap what you sow.

April 1st is April Fool's Day. For only fools reincarnate. Nirvana is not for the foolish.

April is the month of Cynthia Forsythia wow! My pseudonym was born on April 27th and wrote about that goddess on the very next day.

b. on vidya

Original beginningless ignorance (avidya) is like original sin but without the sinner.

Beginningless ignorance begins with the big bang of wave-particle duality.

Wave-particle duality, enlightenment, and this devolutional-evolutional universe in-between are all appearing in the light of atman.

c. in the very merry month of may

One day in May I saw a dive-bombing osprey pull a striper from the middle of the river. Far across the high tide fullness of that Merrimack, an eagle saw and wanted.

Less than sixty seconds later, after a high-wire dance of conflicting desires, they collided in a winged battle less than thirty feet above from where I stood and watched in wicked awesome awe.

In the end, the hawk escaped with its treasure, the eagle returned to its pirate ship, and I continued on my merry way.

d. that sweet taste of nonduality

The moon in June doesn't just reflect the sun but smells like spirit too.

Its reflection of a midsummer light is nothing but light minus the vig.

Eye is seer. Ear is witness. Nose is the knowing. Tongue is that sweet taste of nonduality and skin is the holy ghost.

e. i am standing

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on I.

Assumptions are not to be trusted. Test each rock ten thousand times before standing on it.

I am standing on pure existence, absolute awareness (pure consciousness), and holistic bliss infinity (ananda). Anything but satcitananda is an assumption making samsara out of me and you.

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