Thursday, March 21, 2024

Midnight and Maya Again

1. midnight and maya again

Midnight and the sun is like pure consciousness and the moon is like the mind lit by self-luminous awareness and reflecting that light upon the darkness of the earth.

Midnight and the sun is nowhere in the sky like pure consciousness is the unseen seer. And midnight and the moon is insentient rock brought to life by the self-shining atman.

Midnight and the mind is but reflected consciousness although some people on earth mistake it for the real thing. Yes it’s midnight and the earth is on quicksilver sentient fire.

2. electric satcitananda

The mind is both seer and the seen. The mind sees the world and the mind is seen by consciousness. It’s the function of the mind to mind the world. It's the nature of awareness to witness the mind.

The world turns and the mind as a functioning mind is a singular tool. But the mind as an ego is always changing. This changing mind is seen by an unchanging consciousness, the only constant.

Disidentifying with the world is the science of psychotherapy. Disidentifying with the mind is the art of nonduality. The nature of mind is division; the nurturing of mind is ego. 

Consciousness is neither nature nor nurture. I am not the reflection of light in this filament of a light bulb but that electricity of satcitananda.

3. from out of bondage, james bondage

It was eighteen years ago today that Canyon del Muerto taught the mind to deconstruct.

In the middle of a timeless desert canyon facing the ancient one’s Mummy Cave Ruins etched in bronzed sandstone, I sit as this adjacent babbling brook takes away my vital breath to original Arizona.

I am not some DNA. Neither am I karma. I am that in which deoxyribonucleic acid and/or instant karma is appearing. That is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is absolute existence. Absolute existence is ananda, satcitananda.

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