Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tvam & Tat

1 tvam & tat

The one identifying with the body-mind complex is the individual consciousness. Neither is real but neither is unreal either. There’s the rub.

Beyond benightedness, yet within full light of maya, I’m not a part of universal consciousness. I am universal consciousness.

In nonduality, there’s neither separation nor division, inequality nor equality. In tattvamasi, I and That are the same.

2. who?

Not body-mind but individual consciousness. Not individual consciousness but universal consciousness. Not universal consciousness but consciousness period.

If transmigration begins in beginningless avidya but ends in maya, who is being reincarnated?

Individual consciousness is a super imposition.

3. lawrence

Where salt water of the Gulf of St Lawrence meets fresh waters of the St Lawrence River, this boy was mostly born.

But there’s that unborn spirit of ancestral fire-breathers swimming in volcanic York.

Seeing Mount St Helens from the Columbia River Valley was wicked cool though.

4. rabbit

beginningless avidya

fucks you up—

this is the verse.

nothing gold can stay—

this is the new england chapter.

what you could call my life on the way began when first i met the beatles.

5. recipe

The recipe for individual consciousness is organic chemicals, functional compounds, and the resultant amplification (reflection) of pure consciousness—

double bubble instant karma dancing with myself.

True science is deconstructing big belief. Big science isn't.

6. big

Both big religion and big science are trying to buy your big belief.

Is the new god the same as the old god?

Self-inquiry is the meaning of true love.

7. jivanmukta

all things exist.

some beings know.

one realizes.

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