Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Assumption of Maya


To assume doesn’t make an ass out of you and me. It makes you and me.

The first assumption is I’m not the universe, but an individual entity surrounded by an infinity of others.

Here’s the wrinkle though. Not only am I not an individual consciousness, I’m not universal consciousness either.

The former assumption is made out of ignorance, but the latter one is the wizardry of gods and maya.

Tattvamasi is where the rubber meets the way. No person but atman. No god but brahman. No truth but atman is brahman.

1. the nondual turning

If consciousness is brahman, and atman is brahman, as the mahavakyas testify, then consciousness is atman by the transitive maya of nonduality.

Not the body-mind complex, I am consciousness and consciousness is my true self. And the true self is the inner self and the outer self, our nondual self.

From a materialist metaparadigm to one of consciousness, there is a great turning. It's like that of molecular rock becoming functional compounds and organic chemicals.

2. rest in presence

Another name for profound meditation is resting. Like Jiva Be Goode and still.

Resting in existence is resting in consciousness. I Am is its mantra.

I am, therefore I know. I know, therefore infinity and so on, like a cat's cradle.

3. dropping hyphens

I am therefore I know.

I know therefore infinity and a cat's cradle.


4. mary mother of god

I am, therefore I think I am.

All thoughts appear in one consciousness, do they not?

Maya whispers yes.


The sea knows the island.

The island doesn't know the sea.

As consciousness knows the mind

But the mind cannot know consciousness.

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