Saturday, March 16, 2024

This is Dedicated to the One

0. the one

It’s not that there’s no personal god, there’s no person. But as long as one is acting like an individual, there’s a universal god to be reckoned with.

Forgive me Isa for I have sinned and missed the mark. Although in Maya I am you the universal consciousness, I’m thinking I’m an individual consciousness instead.

Moreover due to this original ignorance, I’m alienated from holistic bliss infinity and stuck inside samsara with the dreamstate blues.

And that almighty satguru is always whispering this ignorance is only cured by knowing what I’m not while being the pure knowledge that I am.

1. oppenheimer redux

As long as one is acting like an ego there's a superego to be heard.

Newtonian physics is to the universal body-mind as quantum physics is to universal consciousness.

From the point of view of materialism, quantum physics is a paradox. From the point of view of consciousness, a paradox is an effect appearing in the cause.

2. satcitananda!

Life is but a reflection of existence. Consciousness is but a reflection of pure consciousness. And happiness is but a reflection of ananda. Let's go satcitananda!

Satcitananda is not a quality of the absolute noumenal godhead. Satcitananda is the nature of the absolute noumenal godhead. Like fire is hot, parabrahman is existence itself and consciousness itself and holistic bliss infinity itself, that power of three!  And that's not nothing.

Please do not mistake pure existence for nothing. Just because absolute existence is indescribable and therefore hasn't a name doesn't mean it's name is nothing.


In this Valley of the Tao

Cynthia Forsythia shall be appearing

if the Creek don't rise

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