Saturday, March 23, 2024

Sunlight Earthshine

1. sunlight earthshine

In the Wonderland of Maya, the subtle body of organic chemicals and functional compounds is reflecting pure consciousness tonight like a red hot iron ball.

Consciousness is spreading to the far extremities of this body. Listen, light is light and reflected light is light, and I am that light and not the body-mind I am currently burning through and through.

It’s like the sun is original fire. And this wildfire on earth may be its reflection technically speaking, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Even earthshine can light up the dark side of the moon.

2. maya of things

If Saguna Brahman is the reflection of Nirguna Brahman, Maya is the mirror.

Or Isvara is the great magician and Maya is its scepter of power veiling the truth and projecting the false.

And Vishnu pervades, preserves, and protects this great projection. To paraphrase Julian of Norwich, all maya of things shall be well.

3. For James Leo Leon Mellon

Fifty-one years ago tonight, a man called Leo, whom I knew as Dad, died from a massive heart attack while working the night shift at Western Electric.

A psychotherapist once famously said to me that my mother was afraid of the world and my father never introduced me.

It was the greatest karma he could give me. It made me deconstruct things on my own. Love!

4. strange lands

From the south rim of Grand Canyon, one can see 10,000 sunrises in 15 minutes.

It's enough to make you think the sun never ascends, that atman is unborn and infinitely shining, and only the mind rises in a dream and sets in deep sleep.

Grok this: that witness of deep sleep is the witness of the waking state and I am that.

5. on unconsciousness

There are states of mind but there are no states of consciousness.

Identifying with any state of mind is unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness appears in consciousness. Paradox alert.

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