Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Psycho Brahman

Reality is not phenomenal.

Consciousness is reality.

A physical psycho is appearing in consciousness!

You are not the psycho, people. You are not the snake, rope.

Consciousness meet consciousness. 

Self meet brahman.


reality is not phenomenal. phenomena is emptiness.

consciousness is reality. prajnanam brahma is the first paramahavakya.

a physical psycho is appearing in consciousness! the dream cries maya.

you are not the psycho, people. tattvamasi.

you are not the snake, rope. you are not the scene, seer.

consciousness meet consciousness. seer meet the seer.

self meet brahman. this is the third paramahavakya.

that i am brahman is unsaid.

to recap the paramahavakyas being said tonight. 1. consciousness is the absolute. 2. TATTVAMASI 3. the self is the great one.

"this was brahman in the beginning. it knew itself only as “i am brahman.” therefore it became all. it is the same with seers and the same with all people. to this day, whoever knows the self as “i am brahman,” becomes all this."

~brihadaranyaka upanishad (tx-aumdada).

the four paramahavakyas are bigger than the four agreements.

the four paramahavakyas are not a secret but almost no one knows them.

one. prajnanam brahma,

i.e. consciousness is foundational,

in parentheses, the body-mind does not manufacture consciousness, materialist;

transistorizing prana to prajna happens in consciousness

and what happens in consciousness stays in consciousness, awareness.

2. that y'all be, tattvamasi, fool.

3. atman is brahman. universal consciousness is absolute consciousness. individual consciousness is maya.

4. i am brahman. let there be light.

Prajnanam Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi, Ayam Atma Brahma, Aham Brahma Asmi.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The truth of faith or of belief is thus practical only. Knowledge alone is primarily and literally true.

We contend that in the absence of knowledge, we naturally support an intellectual attitude to super-sensible reality through belief or faith. But this is bound by its very nature to be a transitory state. No-one can permanently rest in faith. Faith demands to be transformed into knowledge and is only justified by knowledge. Till this justification is forthcoming, there is bound to remain in faith an element of doubt. Doubt is indicative not only of inadequate knowledge, but also of the subjectivity of it. The truth of faith or of belief is thus practical only. Knowledge alone is primarily and literally true. As long as knowledge has not arisen, the truth of belief is necessarily in doubt. It is therefore a necessity of our intellectual life that we must rise above the subjectivity of belief to the objectivity of truth. Advaita Vedanta enables us to do so.

~G.R. Malkani

The religion of Truth thus supersedes all other religion.

Advaitism, we can truly say, has all the important elements of religion present in it,—faith in the scripture, discipleship, the goal of self-realization and all those inner qualities of moral purity which are necessary for the knowledge of the Highest Spiritual Reality. Only it is not religion as ordinarily understood. It is not a religion of dogma. A dogma, unlike knowledge, is a challenge to reason. Its only justification lies in our emotional and volitional life. Truth needs no such justification. It transforms our emotions and our volitions by a necessity of its own nature. The religion of Truth thus supersedes all other religion.

~G.R. Malkani

Saturday, September 17, 2022

POV: Nondualty

From a material point of view, self-awareness is the big bang.

From a nondual point of view, self-awareness is awareness,

and the self in self-awareness is maya.

Conditioned consciousness is the stuff of maya.

The mind is the stuff of conditioned consciousness.

Myth is the stuff of the mind,

deconstruction is the stuff of myth

and awareness is the stuff of deconstruction.


1. materialists call self-awareness, evolution

2. atman is brahman ad infinitum

3. brahman is not atman, period.

4. the pot is calling the crock clay

5. like a cloud dividing sky, the mind is a divider

6. isvara is brahman multiplied by maya

7. a myth not busy deconstructing is busy building a religion

8. awareness in, awareness out

the curator’s corner 2

I responded to someone in the comments for just the third time this year.

It was about n’s reference to impure thought. An impure thought, according to n as I understand it is not a matter of immorality, but one of immortality.

Actually, mortality is the impure thought.

Immortality is the pure thought.

N does not veer away from thought. Myth is just another practice. I am immutable…

“I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

on paramahavakya one

Another name for conditioned consciousness is materialism.

All roads in the westen empire lead to scientific materialism.

The western empire co-opted science in the same way as constantine co-opted christianity.

The first law of scientific materialism is that consciousness is produced by the body-mind.

This is the crown of belief.

The first paramahavakya of the rebel rishis is prajnanam brahma.

Consciousness is the absolute. The body-mind is dream-produced by consciousness.

Prajnanam brahma is not dogma, my dear mu. It’s a statement of fact.

And you’re not being asked to blindly believe these words. But your mission, if you accept it, is to confirm them in realization.

transcreating basho 2

kimi ya cho

ware ya soshi ga

yume gokoro


you butterfly

i zhuangzi

heart of dreamness

transcreating basho 1

"I'm Nobody! Who are you?

Are you – Nobody – too?

Then there's a pair of us!

Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!

How public – like a Frog –

To tell one's name – the livelong June –

To an admiring Bog!


full moon pond

frog entering

water splashing

(which is first)


transcreating basho 1

furu ike ya

kawazu tobikomu

mizu no oto

funny how emily dickinson seems so wordy when compared to basho, instead of let's say, walt whitman.

i'm nobody.

are you a frog?


~emily basho

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

This Simple Fact of Consciousness


Thought filters consciousness. This is called emotion.

When such thoughts and their emotions are accepted as reality, this is called belief.

Belief is nothing but a thought form. Thus reality is not a form.


Forms appear in consciousness. Consciousness does not appear in form. This is the initial key to going further.

Materialists, both the scientific and religious kinds, think consciousness appears in form. Or from form.

This form of belief in scientific materialism is called theory. This form of belief in religion is called dogma.


The fact that form is appearing in consciousness is not an act of belief, either theoretical or dogmatic.

Understanding this simple fact of consciousness is purely experiential, strictly observational, and innately natural.

Some call this understanding an awakening, insight, satori, savikalpa samadhi, or aha!



Thought filters consciousness.

I stole this concept from Ruiz. His math goes: love minus thought equals emotion. Let’s call this the Don’s postulate.

Belief equals thought plus emotion. In circularity, belief is like a whirlpool.

It begins in thought, is propelled by emotion, and goes down the rabbit hole of belief.


Forms appear in consciousness. Consciousness does not appear in form.

This cannot be emphasized enough. This is, in essence, the first paramahavakya: prajnam brahma.

It’s not that form is the absolute. Consciousness is the absolute.

The western world and all its materialist works of art, philosophy, and fictions, is made obsolete by these sanskrit words: prajnanam brahma.


Understanding this simple fact of consciousness is purely experiential, strictly observational, and innately natural.

There’s the rub.

This is why the sage is pointing to the moon.

This why the tao that can be spoken is not the true tao.

Experiential, observational, and natural: in other words, beyond words.

The myths of nonduality can only take you so far.

It’s like Zeno’s paradox or some zen koan.

Only consciousness fills in the blanks.

end notes


No one speaks the truth.

One can only be not-it.

If all forms, including all thought-forms called belief,

appear in consciousness, then all beliefs appear in consciousness.

Thus consciousness is not believable but foundational.

Beyond words but that you are.

Love is not believable

but almost eight billion people know it when they see it.


Even unconsciousness appears in consciousness.

According to the myth of nonduality, awareness does not appear in consciousness.

Accordingly, the sun is currently appearing in a black hole next to you.

It’s not so much the sun of consciousness is collapsing as the black hole of absolute awareness is being self-aware.

Maya just means the truth is way beyond the mind.

The mind prefers duality.

If nonduality minus maya equals duality,

then nonduality equals duality plus maya.


Maya is just another way of saying 

That beyond the reaches of the mind.

Philosophy is truth 

according to the mind lol.

I’m not as much the sun of consciousness


as the black w/hole of absolute awareness


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Like Vedantic Gods of Maya


To the three states of consciousness, the five superimpositions, and the seven stages of self-awareness,

atman is brahman, brahman is not atman, atman is brahman is parabrahman, aum.

If awareness is absolute, awareness is simply self-aware.

Self awareness, on the other hand, is more complex. It’s going to take some maya.

The manifest universe is the universal consciousness of self-awareness.

Within that universe appears an evolutionary mind forgetting and remembering the self.

The manifest universe is the god Isvara. Isvara is brahman mixed with maya.

The mind is like dividing brahman into brahman and maya, and then identifying with the maya.

Shiva is deconstructing this misidentification, Brahma is creating an instrumental myth,

and Vishnu is permeating and maintaining that spontaneous realization.


Myth is diy.

Like a quilt.

Brahma makes the myth.

Shiva is consciousness talking to consciousness, deconstructing conditioned consciouness.

If Isvara is the manifest (brahman mixed with maya) universe of consciousness, Vishnu permeates this universal consciousness with realization (atman is brahman).

Maya is just a dream.

Shiva without Brahma is deep maya.

Brahma without Shiva is long maya.

Isvara without Vishnu is materialism.

Vishnu without Isvara is spiritualism.

Shiva and Brahma is the practice.

Isvara and Vishnu is the nondual wisdom.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Ballad of Brahman Isn't Atman


Mind is like the steel of conditioned consciousness,

Forged in the fires of atomic maya,

Cut into keys unlocking self-awareness

By the locksmith yogis and yoginis inhabiting samsara.


And consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness,

That omnipotence of brahman knowing brahman,

Knowing atman is brahman but brahman isn’t atman,

For brahman isn’t brahman divided by maya.


And Maya is like the number zero,

Where anything multiplied by maya is maya

but anything divided by maya is undefined.


1. everything is consciousness. thus mind is a tool created by consciousness from consciousness to see through consciousness. seeing through the mind is just the beginning, allice.

2. the wave is the sea but the sea is not the wave although the sea's reflecting in the wave.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Far-Out: Reappropriating Woo

Materialism rules the waves. In the west, the emperor doesn’t convert to Christianity as much as Christianity is acquired by the empire. Just another hostile takeover of a people’s god.

When the new gods go scientific, the new religion goes scientific materialism, instead of spiritual materialism. Look, the empire is all about its materialism.

When the going gets weird, consciousness turns pro. That consciousness is foundational, prajnam brahma, is not some mere commandment, but one's primal declaration of independence.

The empire calls this foolishness a bunch of woo! Some in the east call it maya. Some in the far east call it koan. Some in the west call it paradox. Aumdada is reappropriating woo for the far-out west.

Consciousness is the stuff of woo; belief is the stuff of materialism. Does a dog have buddha nature? Woo. Materialism isn't woo; it's objective fantasy. Prajnanam brahma is woo one. 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Dirty Advaita

Yes, the body-mind is finite, but the universal force enlivening it isn’t. So you’ve got to ask yourself one question, punk. Are you body-mind or universal force?

Does the body-mind create the universal force or does the universe create the body-mind? Jesus, that’s like a no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree, my friend?

Look, the sun is actually the manifestation of that, which for lack of mythic creativity, is called a black hole. Don’t buy some opposing scientific religion, free bird. That atman is brahman, after all, is a fact.

Let’s do the math. If the body-mind is the manifestation of this universal life force, and the sun of consciousness is the manifestation of that black hole beyond all thought, then that which is beyond thought is often called omnipotent and omnipresent. Tattvamasi, Subhuti.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Knowing Knowledge

Knowing is not knowledge and knowledge is not knowledgeable. If knowing is being, and knowledge is the mirroring happening in said knowledge,

then knowledgeable is knowing all about the wooden, metal, or plastic frame; the transparent glass; and the reflecting silver, chromium, tin, aluminum, or nickel.

After all, the point of knowledge is the knowing, and not becoming knowledgeable materialists such as scientists, lawyers, philosophers, or priests. Not that there’s anything wrong with those careers.

If another word for knowing is being, then another word for knowledge is wisdom. Other words for knowledgeable are memorizing, specializing, and believing.