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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Basic Secret

Evolution is about the journey from self-centeredness to self-awareness and back again.

Science only tells the surface story.

This game of clue always ends with the rattlesnake in the garden with its so-called tools of knowledge.

Deconstruction is the first sign of the personal apocalypse.

If belief is fundamental to the transformational existence of the world, who am I?

I dream. Therefore I know I am.

And there’s the ancient way of unknowing who I think I am.

The basic secret to nonduality is either way I am.

Believe it or not, nonexistence takes thinking.

Simply being is meditation enough.

And lucent dreaming is being enough.

Deconstruction is always further. Dreaming is always now.

The basic secret to nonduality is either way I am...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Birthday Journal

Love in Space

Love is the true science.
Science is the false god.

Love is the power.
Intent is trajectory.
Awareness is that reflexive space.

Now I Am

Even pain and death happens because I am.
Birth happens because I am. Not vice versa.
Because I am, I can think I'm not.

When I paid attention and knew I am—
I stopped knowing.
Now I am—
and pay attention to forgetting.

Guidance Systems

Duality is the world—
nonduality isn't of the world—
the nondual guide doesn’t try to make a better world—
but help one see thru it while in it.

One’s conditioning is the door—
one’s loving creates the keyhole—
one’s key is unique and matchless—
this is why one practice does not fit all.

A guide, like a map,
details the overall terrain—
but one must blaze the trail
on and by one’s own.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Journal of the Known-Unknown

Mind alone is small-minded.
Mind with heart is mindful.
Heart alone is being.
Neither mind nor heart is real.

God is a name
for the known unknown.
Knowing the name
isn’t knowing the unknown.

Intent is to the universe
as evolution is to mind;
and self-awareness is to self—

being is transcendent
as the known-unknown
enlightens any
shadow of a doubt.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Journal of Texts and Meditation

Scientific terminology is yet 
another esoteric conceptual framework 
replacing the natural metaphor 
for an abstruse technical one—
don't fool your self.

Many kinds of metaphorical
tools are used in personal
deconstruction but only
one is used in realization—

Rather than employing
metaphors for higher truth,
such scientific speech pretends to be
a higher language in and of itself—
the new religion and its scientific priests!

Meet the new medium—
same as the old message.

Journal of the Universal Unknown

Personal existence is not viable—
only the universal unknown is.

The polarities of personal existence are
homelessness and empire—
within its interior spectrum hide
countless lives of quiet desperation.

There’s no political, medical or social cure
for personal existence other than
personal deconstruction and
being the unknown.

Wisdom is the fire
and love is the heat—
burn baby burn!