Monday, October 27, 2014

The Dimming of Our Golden Complex

The bottom line is light. Our evolution
whose art is all the universe is in
the business of enlightening intent.
The management forgets that data though.
Security becomes the number one
priority. Assembly lines are down—
but the building is protected by
the best insurance money buys. And meanwhile,
Research and Development is digging
for their treasures in a thing as far
as they can dig, until they see they’re digging
in their self, except they never realize
that’s their self—they think that that's a thing.
That's the funny thing about fool’s god.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Went to the Woods Because

Every element in the woods 
is responding to the light. 
Spontaneity is the only design. 
Branches grow to catch the rays 
appearing to have traveled since 
another branch grew in the way. 
It’s all about the love of leaves. 
Holy photosynthesis, 
have mercy on my eyes which long 
to look upon the artlessness 
of indigenous creation in 
this current draft of shade and sky. 
There’s nothing us trees don’t know. 
This is how awareness moves 
unattached to lines of thought. 
It’s why we go to the woods.