Friday, October 24, 2014

all is self-inquiry already pseutra

seven billion selves suffering to know oneself
in seven billion welcome different loving ways,
all shimmering facets of the one diamond way.

nothing is ever wrong because
every apparent self is intending toward thatself
by following the love of oneself
in the best way imaginable.

the best way imaginable isn't
'the ends justify the means' or vice versa
but the hidden realization
the means are the ends *and* vice versa.

once seeing
'for I to know anything, I must first know this I,'
then any meaning of the universe is obviously
intent to know That, I.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Swan Song

At the wild mouth of the Merrimack, 
I pivot north to rove the shore. 
My Atlantic is quite pacific today; 
I feel my lake-like waves advancing 
like the white caps on a pond 
that seems like adolescent yesterday 
although it’s fifty years in memory now.
I didn’t know I was the lake back then,
and when I dived into the water
from the Dubois diving board,
I was really diving in myself.
This later insight arrived in meditation.
Earlier this morning I saw a swan upriver
floating on the slow outgoing tide.
I felt its graceful curve of neck in mine
as I turned to watch it pass, a brilliant
arc of white within the silvery mist.
Our silence watches all of this and knows
that none of this is what I am;
space-time is a single dream with infinite
dimensions in unfathomable intent.
Listen, the swan is going out to sea.