Wednesday, January 28, 2015

nothing much pseutra

like someone said: much ado about nothing.

seeing the false as false is not seeing the false as bad.

suffering together = compassion = turning inwards = repentance = seeing through = awareness of oneself = love = wisdom.

pay attention to nothing and see how it came to be.

effortless, unintentional, sudden and timeless.

pure awareness unknowing viewless godhead, loving knowledge being silent godchild, and enlightening intent earnest wu wei holy spirit godsend.

not to mention compassionately deconstructing mind.

there are no words...


there's really nothing to it. like remembering deep sleep.

like how the world just suddenly comes to you.

intent is self-medicinal

diamond, wind and water.

everybody is trying to feel nothing. one way or the other.

whatever way you take to feel nothing will be addictive until you truly realize you are nothing.

to experience something so completely as to know it arises from nothing, toward nothing, and within nothing.


note there's not even nothing in nothing.

the gate only opens when you see there's no gate.

and without something there isn't nothing.

but the gate never opens if you believe there's no gate.

nothing and the art of surfing.

something and the art of suffering.

one doesn't experience nothing as much as nothing manifests one.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Venus on a Universal Shell

The gods go living in our DNA. 
Those primal waves of consciousness 
from numberless millennia 
are churning in its chemistry. 
Walking through this Mount Olympus, 
I am every vital one of them. 
I worship each on landscaped altars 
with grateful garlands of wildflowers—
for in truth I'm not a single one of them. 
In essence, even Mars is not a planetary 
warrior but the pull of earliest division. 
Seeing it as such is seeing through it. 
Holding all these gods within my space, 
I honor them but never occupy 
their territory. All but Venus. 
Love! The sea is parting. 
Love! All space is disappearing. 
Love! I'm washing up upon this desert 
shoreline, disembodied, universal, 
bursting with original intent.