Monday, December 2, 2019

Tightrope Tantra

Look all the world is in the past! Creation can't be recognized until being is cognizant of being being. Ah, remembering this intuition.

Lightning strikes before thundersnow. Self-awareness is experiential. In sciences of self-awareness, consciousness is the immaculate conception.

If memory is the hyphen in self-awareness, being being is this tantric way and not the highway of theological sutra or theoretical science.

Consciousness knows consciousness is the ground of matter. Thus it takes a daring mind to be the tool of being.

August Macke


being being is like the inner wild west of my frontier thesis

again. mind is the tool of love. love is the hand of being. being is the heart of intentional self-awareness. self-awareness is a feature of the absolute godhead parabrahman tao.

psa. climate change is xtreme dreaming. but the buddha abides.

tantra is to deconstruction as being is to belief as being useless useless being

being unknown is not for true believers 

neither last frontier nor new frontier but further

when will this absurd dream actually wake me up?

dance skydancer dance

one love, two love, who shall be my third love

Sunday, December 1, 2019

I Am That 39. By Itself Nothing has Existence.

Questioner: As I listen to you I find that it is useless to ask you questions. Whatever the question, you invariably turn it upon itself and bring me to the basic fact that I am living in an illusion of my own making and that reality is inexpressible in words. Words merely add to the confusion and the only wise course is the silent search within.

Maharaj: After all, it is the mind that creates illusion and it is the mind that gets free of it. Words may aggravate illusion, words may also help dispel it. There is nothing wrong in repeating the same truth again and again until it becomes reality. Mother's work is not over with the birth of the child. She feeds it day after day, year after year until it needs her no longer. People need hearing words, until facts speak to them louder than words.

Q:   So we are children to be fed on words?

M:  As long as you give importance to words, you are children.

Q:   All right, then be our mother.

M:  Where was the child before it was born? Was it not with the mother? Because it was already with the mother it could be born.

Q:   Surely, the mother did not carry the child when she was a child herself.

M:  Potentially, she was the mother. Go beyond the illusion of time.

Q:   Your answer is always the same. A kind of clockwork which strikes the same hours again and again.

M:  It can not be helped. Just like the one sun is reflected in a billion dew drops, so is the timeless endlessly repeated. When l repeat: 'I am, I am', I merely assert and re-assert an ever-present fact. You get tired of my words because you do not see the living truth behind them. Contact it and you will find the full meaning of words and of silence -- both.

Q:   You say that the little girl is already the mother of her future child. Potentially -- yes. Actually -- no.

M:  The potential becomes actual by thinking. The body and its affairs exist in the mind.

Q:   And the mind is consciousness in motion and consciousness is the conditioned (saguna) aspect of the Self. The unconditioned (nirguna) is another aspect and beyond lies the abyss of the absolute (paramartha).

M:  Quite right -- you have put it beautifully.

Q:   But these are mere words to me. Hearing and repeating them is not enough, they must be experienced.

M:  Nothing stops you but preoccupation with the outer which prevents you from focussing the inner. It cannot be helped, you cannot skip your sadhana. You have to turn away from the world and go within, until the inner and the outer merge and you can go beyond the conditioned, whether inner or outer.

Q:   Surely, the unconditioned is merely an idea in the conditioned mind. By itself it has no existence.

M:  By itself nothing has existence. Everything needs its own absence. To be, is to be distinguishable, to be here and not there, to be now and not then, to be thus and not otherwise. Like water is shaped by the container, so is everything determined by conditions (gunas). As water remains water regardless of the vessels, as light remains itself regardless of the colours it brings out, so does the real remain real, regardless of conditions in which it is reflected. Why keep the reflection only in the focus of consciousness? Why not the real itself?

Q:   Consciousness itself is a reflection. How can it hold the real?

M:  To know that consciousness and its content are but reflections, changeful and transient, is the focussing of the real. The refusal to see the snake in the rope is the necessary condition for seeing the rope.

Q:   Only necessary, or also sufficient?

M:  One must also know that a rope exists and looks like a snake. Similarly, one must know that the real exists and is of the nature of witness-consciousness. Of course it is beyond the witness, but to enter it one must first realise the state of pure witnessing. The awareness of conditions brings one to the unconditioned.

Q:   Can the unconditioned be experienced?

M:  To know the conditioned as conditioned is all that can be said about the unconditioned. Positive terms are mere hints and misleading.

Q:   Can we talk of witnessing the real?

M:  How can we? We can talk only of the unreal, the illusory, the transient, the conditioned. To go beyond, we must pass through total negation of everything as having independent existence. All things depend.

Q:   On what do they depend?

M:  On consciousness. And consciousness depends on the witness.

Q:   And the witness depends on the real?

M:  The witness is the reflection of the real in all its purity. It depends on the condition of the mind. Where clarity and detachment predominate, the witness-consciousness comes into being. It is just like saying that where the water is clear and quiet, the image of the moon appears. Or like daylight that appears as sparkle in the diamond.

Q:   Can there be consciousness without the witness?

M:  Without the witness it becomes unconsciousness, just living. The witness is latent in every state of consciousness, just like light in every colour. There can be no knowledge without the knower and no knower without his witness. Not only you know, but you know that you know.

Q:   If the unconditioned cannot be experienced, for all experience is conditioned, then why talk of it at all?

M:  How can there be knowledge of the conditioned without the unconditioned? There must be a source from which all this flows, a foundation on which all stands. Self-realisation is primarily the knowledge of one's conditioning and the awareness that the infinite variety of conditions depends on our infinite ability to be conditioned and to give rise to variety. To the conditioned mind the unconditioned appears as the totality as well as the absence of everything. Neither can be directly experienced, but this does not make it not-existent.

Q:   Is it not a feeling?

M:  A feeling too is a state of mind. Just like a healthy body does not call for attention, so is the unconditioned free from experience. Take the experience of death. The ordinary man is afraid to die, because he is afraid of change. The jnani is not afraid because his mind is dead already. He does not think: 'I live'. He knows: 'There is life'. There is no change in it and no death. Death appears to be a change in time and space. Where there is neither time nor space, how can there be death? The jnani is already dead to name and shape. How can their loss affect him? The man in the train travels from place to place, but the man off the train goes nowhere, for he is not bound for a destination. He has nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to become. Those who make plans will be born to carry them out. Those who make no plans need not be born.

Q:   What is the purpose of pain and pleasure?

M:  Do they exist by themselves, or only in the mind?

Q:   Still, they exist. Never mind the mind.

M:  Pain and pleasure are merely symptoms, the results of wrong knowledge and wrong feeling. A result cannot have a purpose of its own.

Q:   In God's economy everything must have a purpose.

M:  Do you know God that you talk of him so freely? What is God to you? A sound, a word on paper, an idea in the mind?

Q:   By his power I am born and kept alive.

M:  And suffer, and die. Are you glad?

Q:   It may be my own fault that I suffer and die. I was created unto life eternal.

M:  Why eternal in the future and not in the past. What has a beginning must have an end. Only the beginningless is endless.

Q:   God may be a mere concept, a working theory. A very useful concept all the same!

M:  For this it must be free of inner contradictions, which is not the case. Why not work on the theory that you are your own creation and creator. At least there will be no external God to battle with.

Q:   This world is so rich and complex -- how could I create it?

M:  Do you know yourself enough to know what you can do and what you cannot? You do not know your own powers. You never investigated. Begin with yourself now.

Q:   Everybody believes in God.

M:  To me you are your own God. But if you think otherwise, think to the end. If there be God, then all is God's and all is for the best. Welcome all that comes with a glad and thankful heart. And love all creatures. This too will take you to your Self.

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Ouroboric body-mind transistorizing consciousness to self-awareness, that is your name. Earth may be your life source but the universe is living within you.

The unknowable whole is breathing out the sun and breathing in a black hole. DNA is atman. Atman is consciousness. Brahman is noumenon. My star is a dragon and its lair a dark cave.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Golden Tantra

No-thought isn't just no thinking. No-thought sees through thought for what it is. Long lost love.

If no-thought is consciousness and thought is unconsciousness, then consciousness is loving loving.

Some days people never see the sun although the sun is seeing through the people all the time. Self-remember every day.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tantra the Midnight Sun

In the spirit of the superguru sun of truth, consciousness, and the energetic way—

if the body-mind is a transistor amplifying consciousness to eleventh levels of self-awareness, I am the sun of that absolute black hole.

Here's the story. Deconstruction stopped at the light. No thought now. Being is the energy of knowledge.

Mid-June sunrise on Frenchman Bay is never setting—midnight feeling

she wrote me these footnotes
Emily Dickinson before Apple swallowed her—
the zennish point of science fiction is science is the latest fiction—
atheism and nihilism are lords of the dead and god lives—like frodo—
whiskey tango foxtrot batman—
wild nights wild nights—the wild night is calling
—what in the world am i?
yours truly, sun tantra 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ocean Sky Tantra

Embody water, carry sun—
sunlight being apple core volcanic understanding.
This, that is, the black whole, quantum Tao.

And being Being is I am I Am as Being is this known Unknown.
The black whole / white heart of self-awareness is
individually universal but universally, the healing.

Haiku California take two
Trappist Big Sur hillside
blue sealight


sunblood lava lava rivermoon
being being is the tantric expression of the noumenal tao
consciousness is not the best medicine
consciousness is the only medicine
Crescent City to Hermosa Beach—Zen and the Birds of Appetite—this park bench

the earth’s core is to the whole sun as a faraway star is to a futuristic black hole
confessional poetry 101—lately, i prefer to do nothing, unless i’m sure there’s two consequential things to do

consciousness has a dream—the absolute has consciousness

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Rabbit Hole to Snow Owl Dune Tantra

The rabbit hole of thought begins in its utility believed to be identity soon searching for the hidden whole—

the mind dreams because consciousness is dreaming this reflexive universe. Call this Self-awareness of the Absolute.

For no thought is being and being being is the knowing of the unknown noumenal godhead ground.

Memory, thought, belief, only no thought survives the turning, being, being being, self-awareness

like reverse remembering. November memory is—this medicinal haiku—snow owl dune.

1. Chuang Tzu prescribes uselessness above all.
2. the universe is mythic before it was scientific.
3. in the name of no thought, intentional being, and absolute self-awareness.
4. cave, crow, priest, monk, consciousness, consciousness only, self.
5. being being is natural healing like be here now.
a. uselessness is the measure of true science.
b. exercise your consciousness at least three times a day.
c. the only ice cream is self-awareness.
being useless, useless, useless being

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sun Tantra Star

It doesn't matter whether you believe consciousness rises from some material brain or not, consciousness knows.

But asking Consciousness what it knows is more like being being or loving love. Thinking doesn't speak the language of consciousness.

Listen, the many clouds of belief are the only diseases killing self-awareness. Consciousness only is the only cure.

Being Being is the mantra of Sun Tantra. Black holes in an unknown whole is singing this network of stars!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Sun Tantra

Outside the world is ashes but inside burns the wild expression of the absolute godhead—the sun is like a black hole on fire with consciousness and planets appear

like secondary worlds within this individually universal affectionate awareness. It's like this. Materially, nothing happens. Spiritually, everything happens.

If thoughts are clouds and consciousness is the sun, that great unknown is only known in being that unknown. Contemplate the sun within! Consciousness is consciousness—

no matter what level of belief one is seeing with. For seeing through thought is third turning; after memory and belief comes deconstruction. But being the sun behind the clouds is the fourth and final turning.

Yes, being being is the tantric expression of the noumenal Tao. Listen, thought is the tool of divine imagination and identifying with the tool is the second act of every play.

Third act is call me up an intermission. And the final act is the nondual expression of that that great unknown, that noumenal potentiality, that absolutely self-awareness.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Surfing I Am

Winter absolution in divine imagination well beyond November nihilism my Electric Ladyland—intent's desire is like the neutron missing in atomic hydrogen.

Science fiction is materialism looking for the missing holy spirit mystic sutra everyone lucid dreaming is the eye of consciousness seeing self-awareness in the eye of a hurricane.

It doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't have that swing of love. No philosophy shall do. Accepting death is nothing personal. This tantric feeling is the ultimate expression of my absolute.

footnotes to consciousness only is no mind
noise and god

being is the child of god, mind is the photograph.
wind is empire. silence is the revolution!
3. being is the expression of the absolute but mind doesn’t think so.
‏2. “The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one 
1. love the duprass you're in.
consciousness only is no mind