Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Am is the Lotus

Every action is 
when that action has
originated from a thought.

One can sit and watch 
all thoughts float by 
without attaching to 
a single one

or one can walk and watch
one's own reactions
with the same

But to do no harm
is action only rising
out of being
like the lotus

giving rise
to just
that faithful

Monday, July 25, 2016

Eye Stories

In the beginning of
no beginning
is and isn’t

then there is
the spec-

I am

there is
with a world of ashes
on the hot coal of being

and when
the fever of being
breaks, there is nothing,
as always, but


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Four Passages from 'Prior to Consciousness'

This consciousness is a tree, but there was a seed - go to the seed. The consciousness you have now is the same as the child consciousness; hold on to that, that is enough. So long as the consciousness is there everything is so important to you, but if that vanishes, then what is the worth of this whole world to you? Who is the knower of the seed? Give attention to how this "I Amness" has appeared - then you will know. Accept this identification only: that you are this manifest pure beingness, the very soul of the universe, of this life that you observe, and presently you are just wearing this bodily attire. Make a note of it; you have taken down so many things in life, just for fun, why don't you take this down also and see what happens? See what happens when you look at the moon and know that the moon is there provided you are there; because you are the moon is. This grand concept, this joy, you directly experience and enjoy. (5)


It is something like a deer taking rest in the shadow of a tree. The color of the shadow is neither light nor very dark, this is the borderland. Neither jet black nor very bright, halfway between them, that is that shadow. Deep blue, like clouds, that is that state. That is also the grace of the Sat-Guru. Everything is flowing out of that state, but this principle does not claim anything, is not involved in anything that is coming out of it, but this beingness is available. That deep, dark blue state, the grace of the Sat-Guru. This is the state of the jnani, this is a very, very, rare, natural samadhi state, the most natural state, the highest state.

You must have a firm conviction about this. Once the decision is taken, there is no moving away from it. The fruition of your spirituality is to fully understand your own true nature, to stabilize in your true identity. One must have patience, the capacity to wait and see. (8)


Leave it alone! There is no question of elevating to a higher level. Here it is only a question of understanding.

Iswara is the manifestation of the five elements and the universe, the "I Amness." To the Absolute, the witnessing of that "I Amness" occurs. This is the Absolute standpoint, siddha. This understanding should not be claimed by you, who are a sadhaka. Sadhaka means the process of getting established in the Iswara principle, the consciousness. (21)


There are twenty people in this room, all twenty people leave, then what remains is there, but someone who has left cannot understand what it is. So in that Parabrahman which is without attributes, without identity, unconditioned, who is there to ask?

This is to be understood, but not by someone: the experience and the experiencer must be one, you must become the experience. What is this Parabrahman like? The answer is, what is Bombay? Don't give me the geography or the atmosphere of Bombay, give me a handful of Bombay. What is Bombay? It is impossible to say, so also with Parabrahman. There is no giving or taking of Parabrahman, you can only be That. (25)

The Magical Red Wind

The dream happens. The mind speaks in many tongues. There is one translation. Love.

The circus is in town. The clowns are speaking with ten thousand faces.

Although the Joshua Tree is sprouting from the desert floor, the desert floor is still the desert floor.

When walking is the meditation, watch one's actions pass like thoughts that pass as sitting.

Sitting and walking are the first step but being is the final concept.

In other words, doing no harm is not doing anything until being does.

Drop three times.

Not embodiment as much as disembodiment. Thoughts! Action! Light!

Key concepts: actions are thoughts and being does no harm.

Some sit, few walk, one is done.

The fourth state is the death star which one longs for like the deepest sleep except I’m not that tired of this being yet.

And being is the first and final speck.

Here's an idea. The big bang is the movie. The light is the sun of consciousness. But I am inside-out.

Being is the evolutionary climax of one's reflexive experience in the process of self-awareness.

Being is not defined as living, as the absolute is not definable.

The world begins every time I know I am.

The world is spontaneously analogous to being.

Being is non-doing. Non-doing is like love.

I know being is going further. And they say death is something otherwise.

On the other hand, deep sleep is like being merging with being.

Fog-bound rock-bound sea.
Lichen-covered eastern pines.
Deep sleep, deep sleep, deep...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

cold poem 1

I Is the Witness of Am

All beings are being but only the human being after forgetting being knows being. Such is the magic of the material world.

If to love being is to be, and being is the unknown knower knowing, then I am that.

Let it be and realize being is a concept too.

The love of the world and its experience is the mishandling of the material as being.

Loving being is nothing personal.

Just be and love this being. No one ever knows when this primal fact will merge with the absolute unknown.

In other words, the concept of me is, of course, never there when the primal concept of being is being seen through.

If not being, not thought. Not the experiencing. The knowing.

Being is all of space-time but knowing is gone gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond.

Deep sleep disproves every state of dreaming.

The person is to the world as being is the universe. spontaneous combustion.

Being is new but not real. Only I is real.

Maharaj says to "put your money away and take my water."

Follow the river to its source and there you shall see there is no water.

There is nothing higher than being and in being there is no concept such as being higher.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Towel and Tool

there's nothing to do—

but dropping that thought is 
the first thing to do.

Drop thought and rest 
in the unrivaled knowledge of being.

The only spiritual knowledge 
one needs,

love this being—
and form no new religion.