Monday, September 26, 2016

One Late September Morning

This morning was as close to frost since early May. 
The sun which now appears within this picture window
warms the living room in a different way than summer sun,
reminding me I’ve built a shelter for the lack of one.

When the weather in September changes,
the change I feel is not external nor objective,
but this vital breath, this subtle feeling that I am, this seeing
affecting transformation in its universal earth-bound being.

There’s nothing but this sense of one,
affectionate awareness, easier done than said,
but being is conditioned otherwise to see myself instead as some display
divided into colors, thoughts, emotions, play.

In fact the world is not in battle, bloodshed, conflict, war.
The wind is not unfriendly, frigid, spiritless, far.
I am merely being in and breathing out—
of this I have no second thoughts about.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Black Whole

Compassion is the default position of seeing.

Being is the only known.
Only being is known by the unknown.

If being is the only known,
and only being is known by the unknown,

then there's truly nothing
but being.

A mountain rises from the sleeping giant.
The sun is speaking from rare air.

The sun is my heart.
And I am that black hole from which the sun shines.

As the earth knows itself to be the sun,
the sun is an embodiment of that great black hole.

In this world, the language of the black hole is
the words of revelation.

Between divided emotions lovingly awaits deep sleep.
Or enlightenment in some translations.

Picture the sun as the source of the body
in tangerine clouds of absolute sky.

There's the unknown.
I am. And evolutionary intent of mind.

One not busy translating is a busy body—
urge urge urge of the procreant east.

For the discerning, 
the intelligent, the intensely questioning.


Ode to Affectionate Awareness

Ordinary is to time 
as nothing is to space—
conceptual pain-killers.

Being is beyond space-time
and so dangerous to personal attachments.

Resting in being begins
in the universal and eternal
and ends in the infinite and timeless.

O nothing and ordinary
is to universal and eternal
is to infinite and timeless
as personal is to being is to absolute.

Simply put,
we are conditioned to think personally
despite feeling universally—

like looking at my sometimes great surroundings
and experiencing beyond a notion
all is one

Being is what love feels in-between the lines.
Affectionate awareness is such a wise and lovely name
for this essence of experience.

This affectionate awareness is the new frontier.
This not a thought, this feeling, this affectionate awareness.
This intuition is a two-dollar word for this affectionate awareness.

Revelation is the existing space
between ignorance and projection.

is to the personal
as affectionate awareness is to being
as revelation is to pure awareness.

Deconstruct the personal.
Feel the universal being.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

monster (in compassionate reply)

it’s the monster they fear 
that makes the monster they hear 
their champion. 

thus you shall never overcome 
a monster just by calling it 
a monster.

one can only see through
its monstrous clothes

Monday, September 12, 2016

Après Moi, Je Suis: Is Is Not An Ism

Existence is personal
Being is universal

Existentialism is
A personal conceptual philosophy.
Being (not an -ism) is
Universal affectionate wisdom.

Philosophies are world views
Again making

Being is universal wisdom
Negative making

Personal philosophies are conceptual dead ends.
One only comes to the parent through the child
The absolute through being.

Most religions are belief systems
Philosophies concerning the metaphysical
Dead-ending in a conceptual god—
Thank god for mystics.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Country of Perfection

My gurus have always been stop signs and red lights 
Just a dream wrapped in a dreamer inside a dreaming.

This country of evolution is perfection as it is
All crickets and the sound of no boats on a September river.

Knowing what I’m not reveals I am the only knowledge
This red dirt muddy water universe beginning and ending.

On the silver sands of self-awareness.

I saw a sign
She is a dream
This universe
Perfection as it is.

I heard a world
The silence spoke
We are the word
That self-awareness is.

I saw a sign
That lightning struck
This thunder cried
A sign is always I.

I am
The sign.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Son Mountain 17: A Cold Mountain Transcreation

This place of my retreat,
so secret, it’s difficult to express—
without a wind, the wild vines stir,
without a mist, the bamboo is in the dark,
who do the mountain streams cry for,
why are clouds assembling together?
I sit in my hut at noon
suddenly realizing the sun is risen.

(from the translations of RP175, RH-176, BW-46)