Wednesday, February 21, 2018

further footnotes

All personality is charades, I stay public because.
Because self-awareness,
Self-awareness says.
Irony is to nihilism what love is to nonduality.
Two is to zero what one is to not-two.
Self-awareness is always saying.
I love my daughter, there I said it!
As if the atmosphere of Venus is too bright for anything but love
(in memory of all survivors).
Taste is an acquired knowledge. But one loves what one loves.
Love is like chopping wood, carry water. 
What else could it be?
Love is knowing one. Poetry is being one. 
Deconstruction is unthinking two.

Footnotes to Love, Poetry, and Yes, Deconstruction

"Ahab has his humanities!"

Never misunderestimate.

In other words, everything but consciousness is ultimately unproven scientific theory. Like a myth, but unwise.

All sciences and other deconstructions, including the deconstructive science of psychology, if not accompanied by love and myth, are merely personal, and not of universal knowledge, like the law of three,

(whatever they say is bad for you is especially good in moderation)

in the name of Nisargadatta, Emily Dickinson, and Son Rivers.

Jung uncovers what Freud discovered but it isn’t exactly Basho. Or Romeo and Juliet.

Even hitting all the notes doesn’t make a song. That’s why there’s footnotes.

For every fifty ways to leave your lover, there are more than fifty ways of self-awareness. For every devolution, more than one belongs to evolutionary intent. My god this is Spirituality 101.

Love, Poetry, and Yes, Deconstruction

Stop thinking personally of a world and imagine universally in consciousness. It won't hurt. Between the personal and universal is social media. Ask the lemmings. Division is a concept that no thought can cure.

The cosmos is in consciousness, or is it not? Science likes to tell a different story, but it isn't really science because it doesn’t have a proof. The only proof of consciousness is consciousness. It truly is the only knowledge.

So psychology is to the personal as a daydream is to nightmare. Psychotherapy opened my eyes but it didn't wake me up. Love, poetry, and yes, deconstruction, are my holy trinity, trimurti, power of three!

Between love and deconstruction, my poetry flows. There's a feeling—in that first hot day of late winter—when the sap in this metaphor of a body begins to quickly flow again—

and consciousness is amplified into self-awareness—like a god remembering what a god intentionally forgets. For every red-winged blackbird, there’s a cherry blossom.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Reading the Directions

The shaman is the one imagining for all. Stop yelling at my projections! There's no one but my self. Jesus dyed himself white for you. Quoting a translation without acknowledging the translator is like mistaking a painting for a photograph. Or an Ansel Adams for my eyes. Be aware of Nopperabo or you'll end up with original face. Or waiting for Kitaro. Beyond the world is where the wild things are. Truth is never ugly no matter how much I believe it. The world is divided into two. There are these believing this and there are those believing that.

Belief is like imagination without love. Whether the door is closed or open is no matter to the hinge. Memory at its essence is just a smell. Oh the stories that we tell to understand a smell! To rhyme is why we learn to spell. If the known is called the universe, who is the unknown? For the absolute unknown has come to know the known so that the absolute unknown may know this that which is unknowable. Meanwhile the red-winged blackbirds are anticipating my annual discovery. Perennial discovery?

In bread we trust. In the universe, what is a nature poem? Horse piss and the theory of relativity. Blood is not birth. Shit is not death. After a hard day's night, I love myself some absolute deep sleep. Sally dreaming on the seashore. The brain is manifested for imagination but believes otherwise. Note to self. Thought is the high technology of universal imagination. Wanting love, it's the hell of ten thousand beliefs. Physician heal thyself. Spirit love thyself. As if imagination is love minus belief.

I don't believe in nothing but I do imagine myself. Imagine one's intent as if there is no space-time. In other words, everyone is who I love them to be. This is why the great tantric practitioners are emphasizing Love Like Jesus and Mary Magdalene (although the patriarchy believes in the Virgin Mary). When I was an actor, I believed like an actor. But when I became director, I put the ways of doing behind me and imagined my love. As if body-mind is an amplifier transforming pure awareness into self-awareness but believing it's distortion.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

footnotes to imagine being in nirvana

If the focus of one's attention is the world, then religion.

If the focus is oneself, self-awareness.

Imagine being in nirvana rather than believing in samsara.

Science is an ignorant myth.

Manifestation is only practice for imagination.

Imagination is the highest deconstruction because I am.

Imagine Being in Nirvana


Four hot takes. Samsara will be samsara. There's no complaint department. Projection is a bastard. Look within.

If the focus of one's attention is the world, then religion. If the focus is oneself, self-awareness.

One day in 2018 equals 2018 years in year one currency. From written word to internet is thirteen billion years but I don't feel a day over one.

Biblical time is psychological time so there's a lot of truth in it. But the penultimate lie is others. Their biggest lie is space-time.


Imagine being in nirvana rather than believing in samsara. Imagine being in nirvana rather than believing in samsara.

Imagine I am the Absolute being self-aware. Thought is the dawning of creation. Belief is the fog of war. Deconstruction is imagination.

Science is an ignorant myth. Scientific materialism is the last refuge of belief, although the next stage in evolution is imagination.

Manifestation is only practice for imagination. Dreaming is only the dress recital of imagination.


As pure awareness is the absolute unknown, imagination is self-awareness. All myth is imagination.

Science and religion are like the yin and yang of belief. On the other hand, science is the language needed for a perfect myth these days.

Law of three. Law of seven. Wave-particle duality. Reflexive evolution. Imagine three is the new two where seven is the four directions.

Imagine being on a mystery trip to there and back again in the name of self-awareness. Imagination is the highest deconstruction because I am.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The Birth of Kitaro. Shigeru Mizuki.

There's something about reading manga from the back, and right to left, that invites right-brain intuition.

Maybe write with my left hand tonight?

Every word deserves its fifteen seconds. Every word ends in a life sentence. First word is only word.

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable. I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

If first word is prophecy, is revised word rationalization? All translation is actually transcreation. Stephen Mitchell knows this. The Tao is my Tao. Projection. No words for Tao; words are for things, to quote myself.

There are words that are not words. Koan. Mantra. And in-between.

Like the right brain is left-handed. Onomatopoeia. The pivot, axle, hinge, fulcrum, hub, heart, turning point of Tao.

Imagination is a certain kind of deconstruction. Mindfulness of lucid dreaming is the turning of the third wheel. Neti neti. Gateless gate.

The natural Perfection of the Supreme source. Cognition is pure pleasure in this spontaneity. As the waves of fear are seen through, sea of joy!

The unborn, the wonder of birth, and the evolutionary revelation of divine imagination in the manifestation of self-awareness. Despite people thinking it's samsara, there is nothing wrong with nirvana. Sure, political words are lying words but words spontaneously imagined are like paradise!

Let love be my guide and wisdom my heart. Is truth dreaming beauty? Or is beauty dreaming truth? Absolute awareness. Absolute awareness intends to know oneself. Thirteen billion years of space-time. Being. Mindfulness. Imagination. Self-awareness.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Secret Footnotes to My New Age Reading

Don't throw out my being with your ego. Seeing the world in the light of wu-wei shortens division.

This with no name is the wildest card. Play it. See through the past. It's harmless.

A god named pure awareness is becoming self-aware. Welcome to my universe.

My New Age Reading

Ingratiation is not gratitude like sacrifice is not self-denial. Nothing is not synchronicity but sometimes it appears to happen faster.

Iconic yokai. Kasa obake. Discarded umbrella. Like a day dream left by the way side returns one night to paint my tarot in wu wei.

Not going against my self is not egoic action. You can't buy authenticity with a name. The butterfly isn't Taoist.

The dream is past—no need to harm it. Love is in the present—keep on opening it. Awareness is beyond all time so be it—self-awareness.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

*Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Conditioning is enforced imagination. Imagine something wrong and fix it. Revision: imagine all is wrong and fix it.

I say to you tonight there's nothing wrong and everything one thinks is wrong is only wrong because one thinks there's something wrong.

So first undo that stale imagination* and imagine now there's nothing wrong, and soon one knows there's nothing wrong.

O Corinthians, knowledge is partly stale and even every prophecy is partly stale, but when the great perfection is imagined, the partial disappears.

When I was a child asleep, I dreamt like a child asleep. But now that I'm awake, I put aside such childish conditioning and imagine as it is.

For while asleep one sees projections, but when awake one is self-aware. The material world is like ashes on sunshine. Feel it and it falls away.

When the screech owl flew into the picture window like the great big sea banging on the shore, did the walls come tumbling down?