Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ursa Parkway

In the morning of the third day on the great blue ridge, we saw a bear.
It was slowly crossing from the dark side of the road to sunshine,
like memory giving way to now. I stopped the car to take a picture.
When I started it again, the bear observed the sound and saw whatever
cars appear to be to it, and spun around and slowly galloped, bounded,
skipped away, whatever word describes that certain movement of a bear,
its arms when standing now becoming legs—then stopped and turned
as if to say so follow me already. All this happened in a few fast seconds.
Then it crossed and watched us pass from shelter of a roadside thicket.
Thoughts cannot describe experience, its eyes were shining back at us,
but words can tell us pay attention to the splendid serendipity of the way.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rhapsody in Who: Quoting Nisargadatta

I am beyond consciousness and, therefore, in consciousness I cannot say what I am. Yet, I am.

In whatever role I may appear and whatever function I may perform—I remain what I am: the 'I am' immovable, unshakable, independent.

All is done to please the one source and goal of every desire, whom we all know as the 'I am'.

I am what I am, neither with form nor formless, neither conscious nor unconscious. I am outside all these categories.

I do nothing, nor is anything done to me. I am what I am and nothing can affect me. I appear to depend on everything, but in fact all depends on me.

All you can tell about the person is not the self, and you can tell nothing about the self, which would not refer to the person.

I am entirely unimagined. I am what I am, not identifiable with any physical or mental state.

I know what I am, a center of wisdom and love, an atom of pure existence. All subsides and the mind merges into silence. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

three thoughts

the mind
a dividing

if you play
in its world,
to be

but love is indivisible.

love is manifestation
before the freeze
and after the boil

and water water everywhere
and not a drop to think.

dropping thinking
another thought
but seeing through
a thought
what i am,
that is,
i am.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This before Bliss

Enlightenment is
the greatest story ever told.
Such a concept is required
before moving beyond the conceptual.
Like handholds on a precipice—

so myth
the land of love
and compassion.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The New Poetics

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

Poetics 105: describe samsara through compassionate wisdom.

Poetics 106: create performance poetry and extempore commentary.

Poetics 107: utilize setting as mandala of wisdom.

Poetics 108: see above is not exactly parallel to below.

Poetics 109: know birth is always sudden.

Poetics 110: the truth is in the listener already, write the white light of Tao.

Poetics 111: don’t trust illusion.

Poetics 112: understand emotional thought flares are little deaths.

Poetics 113: realize birth and death is in the world apparently but not in myself.

Poetics 114: do not use illusion for profit, the definition of black magic.

Poetics 115: bliss is openly loving, forgivingly free, compassionately one.

Poetics 116: being is empty and wise.

Poetics 117: sing what the voice has said and speak to what the song has sung.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Paradigm: Poem and Commentary

After more than thirteen billion miles
they finally reached the sea—
not knowing what the sea would be
they think it’s just a bigger desert.

Evolutionary self-awareness, or enlightenment, is not only inevitable, it’s here. Thinking otherwise is the only issue.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Poetics of Magical Reality

Let the self-reflexive universe be your love, forgiveness, and compassion. For the setting changes as identity changes.

Actualizing the mythology always builds its own mandala. Ego is just a different kind of deity.

In the beginning, love is almost always present. Forgiveness is the evolutionary turn. Compassion is the beauty of the truth of self-awareness.

And old Jung fears become one’s statuesque protectors in new bliss.

Love is universal being. Compassion is negative capability. Forgiveness is the balancing point of zero. And unconscious fear is an imaginary number.

Since every story features both usurper and the sovereign-in-exile, I was playing both.

And as love forgiveness and compassion is the trinity of duality, bliss is the unity of non-duality.

Every word is not in need of deconstruction—just the cornerstone of one's distinctive birthright.

And the chorus sings renown and revelation, riff and realization.

We love our pain and pleasure because it's all in nondual bliss. This is called Psychology 101.

Wear your self like a cloak of stars. And the chorus sings existence is a thought. Being is not.

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

You're either living in the past or going further.