Saturday, September 19, 2020

Consciousness September 2020

Consciousness is the big bang. Consciousness is the immaculate conception beyond the yin and yang of wave and particle or sex.

Consciousness is the only knowledge and what the world calls knowledge is like dividing the indivisible and ciphering the value of exactly two.

Everything appears in consciousness even all the vain absurd attempts to prove appearances create the consciousness in which they are appearing.

My projection is my mirror. The sixth matriarch calls it Chinatown. Attention paradise the fall arrives in just three days.

It's not the goldenrod sitting in the sun but the ragweed in the shadows making tears. It's not the transformation that hurts but believing in the form.

Last year on this date I was in Avon on the Outer Banks watching the silvery walls of a hurricane above the tumbling surf.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Prescription 2020

Deconstruction is the negative. Love is the positive. The absolute is neutral. Don’t fall in love with the negative. Don’t disintegrate the positive. Look, this never happened.

Cherry blossoms fall. Get over it. An emerald hummingbird! Don’t overthink it. Space-time is the stuff of dreams and self-awareness is the greatest show on earth.

The narcissistic nihilist with a knife in the dining room is your clue. Surrealistic pillow is the soundtrack. Absolute-awareness being self-aware.

Whether one calls this the holy trinity, trimurti, or some other power of three doesn’t matter. It’s spontaneous.

Psychological deconstruction is like lighting a fuse. Get it started. Then step away as soon as possible.

Myth or any other guided meditation is there to be your runway only to consciousness only.

Believing consciousness is a product of the brain is the greatest virus ever told.

64 hexagrams of the I-Ching. 64 codons of DNA. Zero gravity.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Thorn of Belief

If you believe in materialism, you’ll believe in anything. If you believe in a personal god, you believe in materialism. 

Whether it’s religious materialism or scientific materialism or esoteric materialism, it’s all materialism. 

Thought is utilitarian. But belief itself is materialistic. Thought deals in transformation. Belief deals in form.

The more belief one is entertaining, the less wisdom one is contemplating. I used to believe but I’m younger than that now. 

One deconstructs belief with wise thought. Throw away that thorn of belief. But you can share this thorn of thought.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Focusing Consciousness

Consciousness before sensation, before imagination, before identification. Being before before and after.

Like a lens is glass ground from glass, the mind is consciousness ground from consciousness.

Absolute awareness is reflecting in consciousness. The mind is focusing awareness into self-awareness.

There are seven evolutionary stages. The first is light. Two, nuclear probability of particle and wave. Atomic identity is three.

The great turn is in the fourth sub-stage of the fourth molecular stage as organic chemicals and sex hormones come into separate being.

Vegetable, animal, human: in the big picture, consciousness is focusing consciousness.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Appointment at Long Sands

Not exactly like the summer of love, the summer of 2020 is more the summer of compassion.

After deconstructing a continent of the personal, one comes to the sea of compassion.

Appointment at Long Sands: either sail into the unknown or return to disappointment.

Note one sails into the unknown on the sea of compassion. Nihilism is materialism in more ways than none.

Without compassion, one is nothing. Compassion is the eye of the needle. Compassion takes a lifetime; money can't buy you love.

Compassion processes emotion seeing through the clouds of belief occluding self-awareness. Note emotions come in waves. 

Pure awareness may be unspeakable, but I can't say enough about compassion.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I was going to say when Truth broke in

Fighting thinking is playing whack-a-mole. Seeing through thinking is consciousness dancing. You are not the mind but the mind is yours.

Thinking is not actually perpetual motion. Fighting thinking only makes it look this way. 

You can't fight city hall but you can see through we the personality. As everything appears in consciousness, 

and consciousness appears in the absolute, self-awareness is now appearing. 

Consciousness emerges from the mouth of the ouroboros, learns to focus in the body of a snake, 

and in sudden self-awareness swallows body, mind, and being. “I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree.”

For there are seven Labor Days in Labor Day Week and this is the second one. I still feel association with each one, 

as the music of ten thousand summers dies, and the conditioning of the fall beckons again, as if I'm not perennially unborn.

This is just to say that thoughts are secretly appearing in emotions. Each one is universal being filtered by belief. 

And seeing through emotion is like the black belt of personal deconstruction.

Don't get me wrong. I love the autumn. As the poet says, earth is the right place for love.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Rhapsody in Two

Sexual energy isn’t bad. Thinking it’s bad is unnatural. After all, the first sign of duality is one identifying with a gender.

After the root has taken hold, the priesthood of conditioning grabs you by the sacral chakra and so the heart becomes deformed.

Fighting one's conditioning is still conditioning. This is the dirty little secret of the empire’s priesthood. 

Seeing through conditioning is the only revolution. This is ultimately called turn, turn, turn. Or awakening.

Whether it's fundamental religion, scientific materialism, or new age magic, stop believing in your latest meta-paradigm.

And follow the bliss of this intentional kundalini to that enlightenment of self-awareness!

They say it's the end of August and time to put away all childish things. But Lord, I was never born. 

The leaves will drop but trees remain. An oak will fall in the forest but the planet abides. 

The earth is ground away but the sun still shines. A star collapses in an absolute black hole and I am that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Original Math

Division can't be solved with more division. Any number divided by itself is one; any number divided by one is itself. Any number divided by zero is undefined. Any number divided by any other number is another number. 

This is not new math. This is original math. Disidentifying with universal consciousness, and identifying with a separate thought or set of thoughts or meta-paradigm of belief, is the original glitch.

There is no fundamental sin; there is no error—self-awareness requires an appearance in the mirror. The definition of religion is a point of view no longer seeing through itself. 

This explains why scientific materialism is the empire's new religion. My projection takes all seven billion paroxysms. Every paradox involves a god and goddess. If loving two is wrong, I don't want to be one.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dreaming 2020

Conditioning is like pinball. This the pinball wizard knows. Projection is the pinball wizard's game. By calling out the next move, you're blinded when it happens.

Listen closely, algorithms are a thing of the past. Projection is the future. The only limitation is the cloud cover.

As consciousness is the expression of pure awareness, imagination is the expression of pure consciousness. Conditioned consciousness is conditioned imagination. Imagination is its own frontier.

Personal deconstruction frees imagination. Imagination is naturally compassionate, despite what priests of conditioned imagination are saying.

One is imagining the world already in a lazy kind of way while depending on one’s conditioning to do the work. Between conditioned dreaming and lucid dreaming is the entropy of dreaming. Call this dreaming dreaming, like 2020 dreaming.

Lie and conquer is like divide and conquer in the virtual world. Warning Will Rogers! Compassion doesn't take a side. Compassion is like evolution; it naturally intends. Call this unconditional love.

Christian science is a primitive form of true deconstruction as post-modernism is a late form of science. This will be on the test. The postmodern science of deconstructing science is better than nothing.

Let's speak about the unspeakable. Call this self-inquiry. Without it, poetry is just another business. What begins in Samsara and ends in Nirvana stays in Nirvana. I'm Nirvana, who are you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This Unbelievable Formula

Belief makes the person. In the world of unnatural separation, belief is like security. You can never have too much.

When belief is threatened, a stronger belief is required. Belief is like gambling on the unknown. When your horse loses, you double down.

If one’s not willing to die for belief, it’s not belief. It’s a whimsy. Believe me, it’s a whimsy. Separation is original imagination.

Consciousness is like the force. The mind is like a resistor. Self-awareness is the amplification of awareness reflected in consciousness.

Focusing the force is called samsara. Compassion is the practice. Meditation or contemplation is the living.


1. money can’t buy me love. money buys unconditional belief.

2. gambling is an addiction to belief. war is its symptom.

3. paradise is universal consciousness; call this love. hell is identifying with the mind; call this belief.

4. universal force. the personal transistor. song of self-awareness.

5. if the product of deconstruction is not compassion, it’s not deconstruction. it’s just more mind games.


Without compassion, meditation is still personal. Only bodhicitta is enlightened. One not crying is either the one in samadhi or the one in politics. Enlightenment is sudden. Compassion takes a lifetime. Bodhicitta is enlightened mind. Teaching your children compassion is teaching your children well. The rest is the latest math.

This week’s sermon is compassion. Last week’s sermon was taking sides. Postmodern deconstruction equals primordial compassion. Compassion can’t be taught; it’s lived. An old dog knows all the tricks. You haven’t lived until compassion. Without compassion, one is born. With compassion, one is unborn. Compassify, compassify.