Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shrieve Me, Shrieve Me

Even being is a dream.
But the separate
person is a nightmare.

This universal dream of heaven isn’t
but hell wasn’t built in a day either.

And you simply can’t
spell self-awareness
without awareness.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Rainbow in the Sky

From awareness to self-awareness
in what appears to be a universe
and what appears to be a universe
is simply in the eye of the bedazzled.

For if the parent is pure awareness
and the child is self-awareness,
then everything in-between is
the play of utter conception.

To accept the conception is
the first decree of awakened dreaming.
To accept the conception is
the first degree of being.
To accept the conception is
the seminal way to self-awareness.

And no bedazzlement comes
to the absolute except
through self-awareness.
For it is said, either
the child is father of
the man or let me die.

Thus the question ‘Who am I’
is answered by
the dream of being ‘I am I.’

Thursday, January 19, 2017


This false
of separation
is flattened
by one hard slap
from the universal
cosmic Zen master.
Intuition of the catholic.
Revelation of the absolute.
Let the ley lines enter and
insinuate their wisdom
through and through.
Bare trees rise
from white
energetic waves
are surging through
this central nervous system.
Countless snow flurries are falling
from a muted sky.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Way of Dreaming

First there is the world.
Then there is a void.
Presently there is a dream.

In this universe of causelessness—
the spirit of intent selects your causes
—effecting a great awakening—
depending on intensity of sleep.

Causes are neither good nor bad
—but pushing and pulling—
along the intentional way.

And when a dream aligns with great intent
—synchronicity will walk the earth—
in enlightening lucidity of self-awareness.

Monday, January 16, 2017


There are no words for heart.
And love is never having to say.
If there are no words for heart
and love is never having to say—
what is there to say?
Nothing but blue skies.
Like the northwest passage of global warming,
que sera sera.

Something there is that doesn't love a thought.
So much depends upon a dream.
I am. Who are you?
Come forth sweet hermit shaman poets and unite.
For in the land of one, there is no two.
There is nothing but I am.
One word at a time—
unbelievable compassionate interstellar presence.


What is the word for being. I dream therefore I am.
The world is burned into my eyes. I see things.

Social conditioning is another way of saying being born.
We are all unindicted co-conspirators.

Truth is self-evident: pure awareness is unalienable.
Ceci n'est pas une windpipe.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Story Time

Between awareness and self-awareness is this dream. Between the deep blue sea and sky are waves. There are a billion stories crashing on this beach.

Being is a trip. Awareness is self-awareness. Emptiness is form. This is what the godhead looks like when it looks upon itself.

Like the starry sky as seen from Big Sur. Like the ten thousand sunrises seen one morning in Grand Canyon. Like stopping on the loneliest road in America.

Awareness being self-aware is all she wrote. There's a streetcar named desire and there's a bus called further. Yes, I'm writing this story one verse at a time.

But I’m skipping this 13th line. Other than being Krishna or suffering Kali there's Zhuangzi. Paradox or paradigm. Caterpillar. Butterfly.

It stands to reason that if everything is in your consciousness and without consciousness there is nothing, then everything is consciousness. Or simply put, you are what you dream. Look out for coyotes or look for love.

Once upon a time there was someone who believed she was born. This took place in a time when people believed they were separate and volitional. In other words, this took place before the Great Awakening.

Sometimes I’m  an actor and sometimes I direct and sometimes I have a great notion to be. Feed the body but spare the mind. Everything is penultimate.

Self-awareness appears to be material but awareness always is. And this dream is the holy ghost. It is said the only emperor is the emperor of deconstruction but the only god is that I am.