Friday, February 12, 2016

Numerological Enlightenment

No one 
hears a world 
falling in the forest.

attends to one
not two.

always appears 
to be two to two.

is truly 
the mystery.

is just 
an illusion.

is the one
that is the unknown.

No one
comes to not two
except through the one.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fifth Fantasia

What Trickster should I be tonight? Some Puck or Crow or Kappa?

On the slopes of Mount Osore in volcanic waters of an onsen, I bow before the water deity.

Poet, father, mystic, I. These are a few of my favorite words.

Only being knows of lucid dreaming, cabbages, and kings.

Somewhere between cicadas and a Golden Buddha, I meet an ancient Chinese woman on the steps of Yamadera, and she takes a picture of me.

All my life, through all the transformations, significant or otherwise, I'm on the way to Graceland.

Whatever confidential character I dream, it's only proof I am that great unknown.

Ah! Matsushima! Ah! Big Sur! Ah! Nisargadatta! Ah! I am!

On the shores of Lake Chocorua, before the distant peak of Passaconaway, I watch my daughter make-believe while knowing all is love.

The Limits of Deconstruction

The Empire never loses. It just co-opts the new next story. Constantine buys Christianity. Disney buys Star Wars.

A person not busy deconstructing is busy serving the Empire.

Deconstruction is always lovingly impersonal. No material or worldly violence is ever needed.

The greatest error of personal deconstruction is nihilism.

Nothing is the greatest concept. Subtraction is the work of mind. Being is limitless.

(It's as if the mind in deconstructing itself continues madly into negating being, creating this black hole of an ultimate concept.)

The unknown isn't nothing. Being isn't unknown.

Being is true knowledge. Being knowing being is unconditional love. Being knowing the unknown is self-awareness.

In this way it's all about being the unknown.