Thursday, January 17, 2019

there is something like a wave (#sr190117d)

Of course the absolutely nameless ground, call it Self, is, in its absolutely isless omnipresence, eternally Self-aware—

and something like a wave is Self-awareness, call it spirit, being, consciousness, the universe or God.

For consciousness begets a reflexively forgetful and socially-conditioned consciousness focused by a body-mind

(but that's another name and story)

whose sole conscious intent is to understand itself. This mythic process is what Self-awareness appears to be within divine imagination

yet on a more experiential note after personal deconstruction, there remains this singular and certain actuality—I am

and its intuitive revelation. Is is. Lastly the is-that-is is contemplating this silent business of an isness like wildfire and mirrors

like the reflection of the moon in a whitewater river seeing it's the full wolf moon in a winter sky seeing true the sun inside the whole

Monday, December 17, 2018

Two Zero Love One Seven

The fact that truth is not knowable doesn't mean truth does not exist but love! Call it silent knowing, intuition, feeling, inspiration, apperception, divination, third eye, love. But one shall know it by not thinking.

Being is all there is. Thus, the only practice is being being. And seeing through all thought is thus instructive—postmodern deconstruction sees through thinking but seeing through the thought of thought, ah fire!

If self-awareness is the only understanding and its one deductive myth is evolution, then the current turning is the seeing through the modern meta-paradigm of scientific materialism

as well as other more traditional fundamentalisms. In other words, free will is just another name for god's plan as self-awareness says it all. Be it love, confessional, or contemporary heartbeat, before all thoughts

of pollen, which comes first, the flower or a bee? Seeing through belief is like looking without eyes—scary at first, but one evolves. Like an insect is an orchid on this lonely avenue, all is unbelievable.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Acid Sunlight Nativity Gospel

Take the energetic I Am interstate from non-stop thinking to enlightenment but you can't get there from here—a person is a thought wrapped in belief inside a meta-paradigm.

Practice is to meditation as deconstruction is to sutra as being is to tantra as self-awareness is the absolute is the absolute. And suffering teaches me there is no you

but it doesn't necessarily stop anyone from just enjoying two. For the one becomes two to know itself by loving itself and nine moons later, self-awareness.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Expecting Three Chord Mary Eastern White Pine Redwoods Ouroboros

If consciousness is the immaculate conception, birth is an afterthought, this daydream, this nightmare, reverie!

for everything appearing to be personal is just a memory, and thought is not exactly high fidelity, because emotion.

To the Tao of Transformation, the Bodhisattva of Impermanence, the Vanity of Ecclesiastes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience,

money doesn't talk but swears it's said and consciousness is not talking to consciousness but in the name of self-awareness.

The earth is not as much a planet as it is third child of the sun and I am not as much a body-mind as the only child of god—

feel my inner Eve, swallow hallucinations Adam, yeah yeah yeah.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Love Sonnet to Manifestation

Love is not political nor mathematical.
And love is never speakable nor unspeakable.
Love is earliest direct transmission
received from someone loving as oneself.
Thus, love is never personal but individual
and love is never intellectual but love's intelligent
and consciousness and bliss.

Yes, love is often caustic deconstruction in this further era
but love is always the germ of truth—
as love is never two but frequently is manifesting three.
Although all manifestation appears to be non-existent like a dream,
enlightenment is like a quantum universe of dreams,
great wisdom.
Deconstruct a dream but love a fever.

Reflections On a Desert Moon

There are no others; there's just projection. So coyotes are not howling at the moon but face to unoriginal face.

And as one sees the world is one's reflection, there's no longer any need to think you’re two.

For when I thought there was a world, I acted like the world, but as I know the world is me, I am.

Literally, figuratively, and experientially, consciousness is consciousness is consciousness.

Peak deconstruction isn't speaking in tongues but knowing the valley of the dawn is singularly speechless.

There's nothing like a desert for enlightening intent. And self-awareness is intent, is it not?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Individually Universal

As if division is a thing or separation an objective, the world can't stop the world from doing worldly things, but an individual can deconstruct and be.

Like the resurrection, deconstruction is the wilderness. Although the personal is objectively divided, the individual is subjectively universal. You already have what you want, but give yourself your need.

Coyote instant karma, visionaries as preservers of the status quo, come forth sweet democratic despots of the individually universal! Real meditation is intentional being.

Belief is a terror, the terrible twos. Mysticism is aurora borealis at the boundaries of the status quo. But individually universal is my mantra for the absolute. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Signed Consciousness

Body-mind appears in consciousness.  Another name for body-mind is the universe.  To body-mind, the body-mind appears to be material and moreover, divided.  It’s not; the body-mind is pure universal consciousness.  The material is just a notion of the body-mind.

To conditioned body-mind, the fact that all is consciousness is an unbelievable, outrageous, and laughable thought.  To deconstructing body-mind as no-mind, thought of body-mind is seen through, for all is consciousness naturally.

The secondary concept of the material, and all the accompanying tertiary concepts which form the world, arises from the primary concept of separation/division from/of the immaculate conception of consciousness only.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

footnoting manifesting mataparadigming

thanking each mistake that got one here is like a full force forgiveness
all experiments are like the day of trinity
embodying the knowing is slowly flowing go

mistaking cause for intent is like thinking God creates Adam
before peaking
thank the karma that brings you here

an ode to the absolute is an ode to self-awareness is an ode to being
north pole and south pole
yin yang arts of all feng shui

the one heart of the universal is the only way
to get to nirvana take the samsara south or i 91 north
but as if it makes all the difference

footnoting robert frost
absolving the body-mind each night
or every day

The Art of Manifesting Metaparadigms

When lost in thought, one thinks the universe is an object of such thinking, despite the obvious experiential fact that all appears in consciousness, of course.

Does within swallow without or does without emerge from in within? This paradox is called The Tao of Ouroboros.

Believing that consciousness arises from the material universe is the first law of the world. But witnessing all appears in consciousness is the only knowledge, and thus not of this world. Turn, turn, turn.

The greatest deconstruction is no-mind seeing through all thought, where no-mind is an eastern variant for consciousness and thought is the western ground of scientific materialism.

If a philosopher is a fool for words, and the fool is another name for the mystical, is the mystic a philosopher without words?

Look, a covenant is between two objects, like Abraham the personal incarnate, and God the great personification of all that's unknown. A promise is the unknown being.