Tuesday, January 19, 2016

snippets from 'Beyond Space and Time'

"The whole universe is not big enough for even one particle." ~Vivekananda

“Out of those things our bodies are made, and all of those things were made out of hydrogen by what we call transformational causation.”

“But the hydrogen does not arise by transformational causation. It cannot arise by transformational causation.”

“Hydrogen is made of energy, and energy cannot arise by the transformation of energy.”

“The kind of causation by which we see this thing is a causation by mistake…the kind of thing that you do when you mistake a rope for a snake.”

“Nothing happens to the rope.”

“The Gunas are about some entirely different kind of causation.”

the veiling power of tamas; the projecting power of rajas; the revealing power of sattva.

tamas: you fail to see the rope rightly.

rajas: you see the rope as something else.

sattva: you still saw the rope in the first place, but only have mistaken it for a snake.

“The first cause is apparitional. Nothing has happened. Nothing whatsoever.”

the five elements are actually five energies and are perceived through the five senses.

all five elements are the transformational causations arising from the primal apparitional causation: from brahman arises akasha.

the first element is akasha, sometimes translated as ether, is the gravitational energy of matter dispersed in space, perceived thru the ear.

the 2nd, vayu, usually trans. as air, is kinetic energy, as matter in space falls together by gravitation. perceived as temp thru skin.

3rd is tejas, trans. as fire, is radiation, as excess kinetic is lost to surrounding space. perceived thru the eye.

4th/5th, ap/prithivi, trans. as water/earth, are electricity and magnetism, twins, perceived thru tongue and nose.

“Gravity is the undividedness seen in the divided.”

“Inertia is the changelessness seen in the changing.”

“Electricity is the infinitude seen in the finite.”

“Everything in the universe runs toward the changeless, toward the infinite, toward the undivided. There are no other goals.”

“All actions are transformational in nature and they arise only within the domain of the apparition.”

“Through space and time it is not possible, by transformational causation, to reach that which is beyond space and time.”

“We got in by apparition, we’ll get out by undoing the apparition.”

“First is to discriminate between the rope and the snake. Second is to cease being snake fanciers.”
from “Beyond Space and Time” by John Lowry Dobson

a series of reposting essential posts from previous blogs: the quantum john l. dobson sutra posted 09-Jun-2011

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