Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fingers Against the Glass

“I  put my fingers against the glass and bowed my head and cried.” ~Bob Dylan

The morning dew in summer doesn't. The fool and the artist are never two. The Big Bang is always shooting Moby blanks.

Call me who am I. And the colored girls go who am I when I’m not thinking who I am.

Enjoy, for this dream is never born. Every apocalypse is in my mind but still I honor all who suffer thus.

If eastern wisdom seems like western fantasy to you, is it? Science is a theory and I am a fact. What is your experience?

Don’t think about it. Conditioning is deeper than you think. Prophecy is personal. Revelation is experiential. Apocalypse is that.

Call it story or mystery, but I can’t explain that. Last night I purchased the complete symphonies of Mozart for ninety-nine cents. Explain that.

I am. You are. Explain that in ten thousand words. Self-awareness is my manifestation. Death is your social conditioning.

Always, the other is my mirror. Peace children, it's just one love away. Have compassion for the devil. Being is the saint.

The only hell is in thinking you're not the light. And so the light one is burns such thought away.

Revelation is the voice. Prophecy is the translation. For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

Past is cause. Future is effect. Now is causeless. Basho never looked beyond the first two lines. The third rail is always the live one.

Synchronicity is more than just a coincidence. Three gods are better than none. Feel the love and respect an addiction.

After hiking a mountain, sit down. After sitting down, hike the next mountain. If the slope doesn’t kill you, the peak will.

Before self-awareness is self-awareness. A mirror looks into a mirror. In the end, only self-awareness is the practice for self-awareness

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