Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beethoven’s 19th Nervous Symphony

When a dream is over, it's like it never happened. I am, therefore That is. To exist is nothing. To know that I exist is everything.

The river flows, for being is conditioned to see a river flow, the wind blow, the grass grow, high and low, yes and no, allegro and adagio.

The sun is shining on the water and the breeze is blowing from the south southwest and all that’s missing is the red-winged blackbirds.

Self-awareness is such an explosive encounter, one must conceptualize that experience before handling.

First, untrain the mind to play off the conditioned beat. This is the true counterculture. Live as if there’s no time. Scan your own meter.

It’s not about freedom; it’s about intent. One doesn’t kill the id or ego, DNA or social conditioning; one surrenders to disbelief.

Deconstruction is to disbelief as surrender is to intent as who am I is to I am. Rivers and mountains and sea oh my!

Self-awareness is the being and the bliss and the knowledge. Truly without human form, amen.

Canoeing the Concord River with my 8-year old daughter—a great blue heron witnessed at the moment of taking flight—a coyote crosses I-40.

Living like there’s no tomorrow is still living as if there’s time.

On the final steps of the western slope, the boundless dawning of the sea.

Nothing to know is easy. Nothing to teach is hard.

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