Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ode to Light

O light of love this undivided being and intent of that unknown
the absolute unknown in sudden and spontaneous self-awareness
which descended into matter in a process all that jazz of space-time
quantum physics and atomic hydrogen molecular illusionary structure
like a solid and granitic rock of ages rock of crystal thunderstruck
by some organic movement of the light and by the light and for the light
and rising like a phoenix of the mind from single cell to vegetable
to animal to anthropoid Erectus and Neanderthal and something like
bicameral division resulting in conditioning of light the filtering of light
from love to raw emotion fear in many colors separation violence and war
until I meet the Satguru embodiment of light the water table light
the well of light the fountain of the light and see I am the rising
column of the light Arjuna light who uses tools of thought to deconstruct
conditioned thought and when the human form is finally shed
like snakeskin ego all remaining is the space of light the light of love
affectionate awareness self-awareness all there is and I am, I am, I am

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