Friday, July 26, 2019

aumdada manifesto 190726fr purple days

The body is like a lifesaver melting in my mouth. Before the body-mind, there is the seed of universal consciousness. During the body-mind, there is awareness reflected in this consciousness. After the body-mind is pure awareness. Call this tasty ouroboros, self-awareness.

Meanwhile, in the religion of scientific materialism, there is something called Frankenstein's Theory on the Spontaneous Generation of Consciousness from Dead Matter via Chemicals and Electricity. In this particular story, the lifesaver eats me.

So scientific materialism? Is it science or science-fiction? Are you experiential or conditional? The windows are open. It's late July and if memory serves me right, crickets are just around the corner. But tonight, there's not a single sound.

It's like a ryokan here and I'm writing in an ancient hut, all calligraphy and enlightening intent. The childlike games are over by this hour. Instead of air-conditioning, I'm listening to the white noise of a pedestal fan I just turned on.

Listen Alexa, turn off the fan. Consciousness is experiential like a witness. An appearance like a thought in consciousness is transformational like distant fireworks. Awareness reflected in consciousness is self-aware. Christ be careful what you ask for.

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