Tuesday, July 23, 2019

aumdada manifesto 190723tu purple consciousness

Consciousness believed to be a product of the body-mind identifies with the same of course, divided from the universal, although a serious materialist understands nothing in the universe is separate. The brain can't produce something which isn't chemically native to the universe. It’s always macro in, micro out.

Likewise, universal consciousness is in, I-am is out. Thus the mind is acting like a transistor, or the body like a fountain, where transformation plus resistance amplifies the source. When I-am sees I am that I-am by simply resting in the knowledge which is I-am, call this amplification Awareness Reflected in Consciousness.

Accordingly I saw three separate instances of a lone purple loosestrife today, each at least a mile from another. Purple blossoms first appear like the gentle flame on a single tall green candle. In a week or two, these wetlands will be a godly inferno of purple loosestrife, an invasive plant apparently, but nevertheless one of truth and beauty.

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