Wednesday, July 3, 2019

aumdada manifesto 190703wd oh lily

The world is wrong—although there's nothing wrong with that—and all the worldly knowledge in the world is wrong as well. For the only knowledge is ‘I am.’

But because of one's conditioning this may appear to rise from that holy seat of body-mind—the brain—chimerical and chemical machine. But wrong!

The body-mind at best is this transistor—node of transformation and resistance—amplifying universal consciousness to its potentiality of self-awareness.

Look, as the power of three arises from essential nonduality, the body-mind is like a fountain in an ouroboric sea. Don't deny the function of the crown of all creation because identity has been mistaken in the process.

Just because you're not the tool doesn't mean you're not the hand behind the heart of absolute intent. Nihilists need not apply at nothing. The well-to-do are overcompensating for their ignorance.

Normality is locality of conditioning. Consider the lilies of early July—day lilies, trumpet lilies, a prophecy of lovely lilies! Get over the spring. Get over all aspects of identity and be nakedly unknown.

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