Sunday, June 30, 2019

aumdada manifesto 190630sn the last pagoda

As awareness is self-awareness and quantum being is utter love and atomic form is story, the material world is all about transformation.

First turning is body living in the mind. Second turning is surrendering to consciousness only. Third turning is enlightenment. Turn, turn, turn.

Deconstructive story, unconditional love, and spontaneous intent are the primal trinity by any other first or last names.

Likewise, the first and only season is the paradise of summer when there is no thought of any other season.

Second season is the fall. Third season is like memory and desire. But winter is not a season.

If the earth is the guest, then the body-mind is certainly not the host. The maya of thinking so is catastrophic. Like Hurricane Samsara.

The last flowering pagoda dogwood wedding day of June feels like death. It’s completely conceptual but I need more fireworks!

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