Saturday, June 15, 2019

Come June

It's the last week before the summer solstice and the frogs are in the trees. George Herbert Walker Bush is riding a cigarette boat upriver toward the heart of dark matter. And Miles Davis is hot in Paris playing birth of the cool.

My universe is self-awareness. What universe are you? I made this matter so by seeing through it I see myself as summertime and the being is green. It's not as much about the earth as it is the chemical between the rock and hard space.

Awareness reflected in consciousness is a product of the material body-mind like a Roman fountain is a product of its Roman conduit. This consciousness we dream is just my elemental gentle dreaming turned eleven thousand.

The only thing that's wrong is thinking that there's something wrong and even that's not wrong. For wisdom without compassion is like seeing in the dark without a light. It looks like nothing but it's not. The way of conditioning is in and love is out.

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