Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Craft Dreaming

Only love is motion and emotion is virtual motion.
When thought behind emotion isn't openly acknowledged
as conditioned thought but repressed

as if the supernatural does not approve of this in lesser ego,
there's either outburst or disease.
Recognition is a craft. Communication is an art.

Whether crocuses to mountain laurel
or the 4th of July,
love is not about the fall.

there's no seconding this motion
and true mindfulness is all about emotion
maybe absolute midnight knows it all but each dawn speaks in tongues
god is my conditioning, my deconstruction, and my god
rain. statues.
intuition. expression.
spring is logarithmic.
words tend to obfuscate as much as reveal. figures of speech tend to illustrate as much as smudge but that’s the point.
tao te spring

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