Thursday, June 20, 2019

In the 190620th Year of the Now

We've been socially conditioned to think there is a we. And I'm writing in the royal plural for I know there is no I. Consciousness is to waves as awareness is to sea as egoic mind is to projection as super-ego is interpretation.

On the other hand, a non-judgmental mind is just the tool of being. Call this the mind of the heart. And the mind of the heart is like the hand of self-awareness, and self-awareness is a natural feature of awareness, and awareness is just a name for the absolute unknown.

It's the last full day of spring—that changing of the breath when full force form stops for a virtual second before exhaling emptiness. These days, every day seems like a year to me and tomorrow is like one o'clock. Fireflies to fireworks or is fire dreaming?

1. no name for thou.
2. Being is to Ishmael as the Absolute Unknown is to Moby Dick as Ahab is to ego as the white whale is to this critical reading.
3. “Mind is a tool of love. Love is the hand of being. Being is the heart of intentional self-awareness. Self-awareness is an omnipresent feature of the absolute.”
4. even pure awareness is not a name for tao.
5. appropriately it's been raining all day here.
6. the summer solstice is all about that space between the transformation—sing hallelujah!
7. one must know what one is before knowing one is the manifestation of the absolute unknown.
8. to be the unknown is the of meaning of all love and wisdom in this so-called comedy or opposite, this so-called tragedy, this catholic fantasy of history and desire, this Shakespearian nonduality, this wasteland, this butterfly.
a. see Ramana smile
b. pure affectionate awareness, being, mind, and self-awareness 
c. sutra tantra bhakti boghi francis jesus by el greco

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