Friday, June 28, 2019

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Science says self-awareness is an evolutionary movement. But this is only true if consciousness is thought to be a product of space-time. Otherwise, enlightenment is a pre-existing unconditional feature of absolution.

Not only is there a sonic barrier in such a scientific world, there's a material barrier as well. This is called social conditioning. As science is to false as love is true, better a bad guru than a good scientist.

My tantric teaching emphasizes being over logic. Deconstruction isn't god. The mind prefers a nihilistic outcome to scare itself back from the precipice. But love is paradoxical that way.

The scientific viewpoint is material and works wonders in its world but doesn't know a thing about consciousness, believing itself to be creator of what I am rather than vice versa.

Have faith in this as if it were the antidote to poisoning: the material world arises in consciousness and not a nanosecond before. Look deep to the core. Love is not cool.

So this time of year, I go to the picture window as if it were the sea and look for fireflies. They descend from the ground and slowly fall into the black hole of space. Call me self-awareness.

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