Saturday, July 20, 2019

am 190720st apocalypse compassion

Without compassion, my projection appears to be the opposite of deconstruction. Instead of mirroring my own primordial division to be seeing through, I’ve divided my original duality into a world of painfully long divisions always ending in the same old war ad nauseum.

Look, I am universal consciousness in which material projection is appearing even if it takes a world of worm or rabbit holes. If you think there's anyone other than yourself within this house of mirrors, think again.

Yes, every year about this time beginning late July, I start to think about the purple loosestrife—and like a miracle it appears within a week or two. Listen, in an ode to purple loosestrife, the world is divided because I am divided.

But as one of the highest features of universal consciousness is love, one of the earliest features of self-awareness is compassion. There's non-doing I can do within enlightening intent but discern my own projection. Thus compassion is apocalypse of self-inquiry.

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