Sunday, July 28, 2019

am 190728sn stop-action

Wise action is not right action but stop action. Morality is never wise but conditional as is automatic action always personal. Thus wise action is no action but non-doing. Naturally transformative.

To look both ways before you cross the street is pointless if you haven't stopped before you look. Call this stopping self-remembering, or instant meditation, or whatever vehicle gets you to the other side.

Scientific observation at best gets you half-way. This is Zeno's point behind the paradox. Einstein's theories would be nothing without intuition. That’s why it’s called dreaming by one awake.

This week I had to stop the car to let three wild turkeys cross the road. After every step, there’s a sudden stop. Necks appear to whiplash! The fourth one kindly stopped for me and I continued down the road.

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