Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Sea of Nonduality

First, the mind is not belief as consciousness is not the mind but all is well with all of this.

Consciousness is the sea, and mind, the surf. Belief is on the beach.

It’s not as much reflexive universe as reflexive being.

In self-awareness, awareness appears to be unaware. Absolute awareness is self-aware.

This self-awareness appears to be an evolutionary universe of self-awareness.

It’s the nature of an ocean and its waves.

seven footnotes

like this. awareness. consciousness. mind. belief. deconstruction. being. self-awareness.

or this. sky. sea. surf. beach. trail. mountain. sky.

arthur m young goes like this. potential. substance. form. combination. organization. mobility. dominion.

ken kesey has something to say about the combine.

do not throw away the mind with its belief.

you have one tool. love it properly.

it takes a thorn to beat a thorn. keep it sharp.

the martial arts are all about mind-training. any outward sign is just its manifestation.

personal deconstruction is the ultimate martial art.

zatoichi has a lot to say about this.

enlightening intent appears to be evolutionary. it's also devo.

reflexive being is the grand unified truth.

or myth. truth is myth.

truth is a concept too.

tao is nonconceptual.

it's not about the names.

there is a continuum. not space-time but mind-being.

space-time is ego.

mind-being is another name for god.

i-am is the name of god.

deity yoga has some things to say about this.

not thinking i know nor not know, it’s known.

knowledge knows the unknown.

unbelievable being is knowledge 101.

what the world calls knowledge, i call bodily functions.

no knowledge, no knowing, no knower.

if you don't like the whether, wait a second.

the mind is literally binary.

there is a universe born every zero breath.

memory is the hard drive. love is electricity!

electricity is enlightening intent.

remembering facts is photographic. remembering love is always now.

facts fade to gray.

all math is gray.

love is not remembered.

love is a tear in the opening.

i am the opening and beyond.

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