Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Horatio Trickster III

There’s being the unknown. Call this consciousness. There’s being something. Call this non-being a person.

Words describe non-being. Being is indescribable. Some call consciousness a fraud. I prefer the name of trickster.

To know myself, I need to trick myself, and think I’m not myself. Just understanding this articulation is to know myself, O self-awareness.

Paradox is magic to those who swear by logic. To consciousness, paradox is fresh air. Beyond what philosophy dreams, O rationality, is paradox.


consciousness is being. thinking is non-being. although the absolute is beyond being and non-being, only consciousness is being the absolute.

being is indescribable. so is love. do the math.

maya and coyote are identical twins. i'm their triplet.

mind cuts love. love breaks spock. paradox crushes q.

conspiracy theories are the egoic way of surviving paradox heroically

using the mind to love hurts

psa: there's a new moon in four days

facebook tells me i was in san francisco twelve years ago tonight

our hotel room was like eleventh floor with a bay window, literally, overlooking the golden gate bridge. it was the best best western i was ever in.

it was my second time there. the first time the view was a spontaneous anti-war march after bush invaded iraq in march of 90, i think it was, from our picture window on the seventh floor of the downtown hilton.

misty watercolor memories

the stuff of dreams

a memory isn't real because the actual experience wasn't real. it's like newtonian physics.

the real is never unreal. that's like logic 101.

the real equals here and now without the concepts of here and now

i was never in san francisco. san francisco was in me.

let's be contrary. all drugs are sacred.

there's a fine line connecting some unnamed shaman, parmenides, plotinus, rumi, ibn arabi, shabistari, and gurdjieff

huxley called it the perennial philosophy. what was he thinking?

maybe he was trying to translate timeless wisdom for barbarians?

good translators are worth every dime. be it burton watson's chinese poetry or eckhart tolle's perennial philosophy.

my job is translating my muse for my identical twin and vice versa

so i'm starting to talk in song. that's my granddaughter's language. she's my latest guru.

i've come to bury krishnamurti not to praise him

krishnamurti tells me to

that's paradox

robert adams is a great translator of ramana maharshi

in search of the lost tweet

everyone has a guru

gurus are nothing special

it doesn't even matter if you know who your guru is.

your guru knows you.

knowing who your guru is is not knowing who your guru is

idle not idol

love is the ultimate spinach

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