Saturday, April 10, 2021

Father Consciousness Mother Being

Pseudacris crucifer forever. Consciousness is creator.

My creation is currently appearing in consciousness. It’s called projection.

Eros is director. Self-awareness is producing.

Mind is the tool that runs away with the spoon.

Like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, non-doing is dancing.

Lovers, only dancing understands the dance. Lead or follow. Take turns.

footnotes act one and two

In dreams, mind is both god and its actors. If psychology is the logic of the mind, projection is the love of soul, eros, absolute intent

My pseudonym is son or father consciousness. My other pseudonym is rivers like stream of consciousness.

I married being and she, i. It’s nondual. Who hasn’t been a boy named Sue or vice versa?

Identify with consciousness or being, surrender to intent or eros, it’s self-awareness, my friend.

The way has no name. I call her muse. She calls me Adam. I am evening, she is day.

Everyone I have ever loved is my beloved. Every word I write is in translation of my love

Consciousness is love, is it not? Two concepts sharing one consciousness.

Even after their orbits have grown distant, their shared sun of consciousness remains

The great unknown is being and non-being, knowing and believing, self-aware. Loving is beloved, my lover

Note to self: the snake is always eden This segment is dedicated to julian of norwich. All shall be well.

I finally get gertrude stein. I nominate my muse. Getting gertrude

I’d like to thank my agent, eros from absolute intent It never was a snake. A rope is a rope is a rope, alice b. toklas.

I can’t stop loving this: a rope is a rope is a rope. I wonder who got here first. No results found

A rope is a rope is rope. I claim this land for my Acadia. A rope is a rope is a rope.

Someone somewhere said this first. Well done, old chap. Bliss is another name for eros, n’est-ce pas?

You don’t follow your bliss. You are bliss. Follow yourself.

Self-awareness is a feature of awareness, naturally. Original face. Being the unknown is redundant.

Being awareness is awareness being. We are electric nonduality. Thank you, omaha!

Dads do dad jokes. The universe supplies all you need. You can’t get what you want if you have what you need.

Time out. Love is your next clue. Mouse trap! Or level up when speaking about gods. Or speaking in tongues

Just your everyday nondoing. Like voting. Between being and non-being, i.e. the personal, is visualization

Visualization is imaginary medicine. All is well. If you think it isn’t, look into that thought. I’m not going to lie to you; it will hurt.

Nothing is worse than thinking love is lost. Love is never lost. I am love. Sayeth you.

You shall know my spontaneity by its use of metaphor. Obviously I need to look at the imagist poets more closely.

I love discovering new metaphors. Another facet in ny jewel. In a new york minute.

Treat every typo as your great intent. Inspiration needs an outlet. vGo with the diversion. Recalculate.

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