Thursday, April 29, 2021

Mind Dreams

If the world is physical and dreaming is mental, deep sleep is the immaculate conception.

The big bang happens every morning like clockwork, or groundhog day. Every man a king, every day a universe.

The immaculate conception is spacetime without thought or thought-forms. This is blowing my mind:

as thought, of course, must come before a thought-form, the dreaming state actually precedes the waking state

and not vice versa as you think. Spacetime, dreamtime, daytime–it’s the downwards vector of this reflexive universe.

In other words, dreams should foretell. They only don’t because yesterday’s universe wasn’t dropped at bedtime.

Sneak preview: lucid dreaming comes after daytime. Lucid dreaming isn't what one thinks. But that which one loves.


a process of footnotes

1. spacetime is subatomic.

2. memory is karma.

3. the unborn being born is basically the big bang.

4. the unborn being born is the definition of a dream.

5. in this way, dreamtime is obviously aboriginal.

6. lucid dreaming is seeing through memory.

lucid dreaming is to dreamtime as meditating self-shining consciousness or rigpa is to spacetime.



all religions mean well.

but all is well already.

beyond dreamtime is lucidtime.

beyond spacetime is meditation.

beyond awareness is self-awareness.


deconstruction is the anti-form of lucid dreaming.

i love that every word is defined by more words.

spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. turiya.

spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. beyond spacetime, dreamtime, daytime. turiya.

i love my swiss knife.

awareness. spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. lucid loving deconstruction. intuition, contemplation, meditation. self-awareness.

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