Saturday, April 3, 2021

Star Maker Machinery

Dear diary, it’s nautical twilight again. Look to the horizon while you can.

For at the dawn of astronomical twilight, the star of intuition shall appear.

Your mileage may vary in the city where science is hiding the unknown sky from interfering with its knowledgeable empire.

Another name for intuition is muse, angel, feeling, intentional enlightenment of self-awareness.

She shall sing to you in ocean moonlight whispers and one shall be in harmony like the beach boys.

You shall write the following lines. Saturday is backwards day. Turn, turn, turn. 

You should know this one by now. It’s written in every popular song.

You do not have consciousness. Mirror mirror on the wall, love has you.


marketing the muse. take one.

no teacher can take you where you do not want to go. this is hard to understand. nothing is wrong.

are we there yet?

i want to say something about pandemic and pantheism here. so fill in the blanks.

do they still teach beach boys in the schools these days?

why will sunday never be the same?

all my shakespeares have been singer/songwriters

Oh, the water

Oh, the water

Oh, the water

Hope it don't rain all day

even consciousness has to sleep

and consciousness so loved its dream, the gods turned mortal

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