Monday, April 5, 2021

Beyond Belief

Awareness reflecting in consciousness is consciousness appearing in awareness. This is quantum ouroborics. That the body-mind is in fact an ordinary transistor is Matrix 101.

No, April is the coolest month. Dna survives another winter. Enlightening intent emerges from the underground. What’s so bad about memory and desire if I refuse to call them that.

Belief is the antichrist. Christ consciousness tells us that. Don’t buy the hype; being can’t be denied. We’re told there are seven billion people thinking otherwise. I don’t believe it.

Being is universally beloved and love is all the proof I need. For being is experienced in the world as love, forgiveness, and compassion, for being is beyond belief.


your power is only limited by your belief. but this belief is as deep as dna in your scientific materialistic religion. and you have to respect that kind of trucking. like the do-dah man.

the secret of science fiction is simple. science is fiction. and sadhana for the post-atomic age. every religion needs it super-hero. disney is its marvel. hbo is dc. i am i am.

belief is anti-consciousness. people are nothing but belief. love knows none of this is true.

there are no states of consciousness. the sun is the sun. there are states of belief however: dna, religion, postmodern deconstruction and eastern romanticism.

dna is to body as religion is to mind. shamans are to dna as guru is to mind. spirit animals are all about seeing through our dna.

in the kali yuga, it's all about social conditioning. if the absolute has consciousness and the mind has a body, where does self-awareness begin?

dna is like original sin for scientific materialists. it's like the western version of the i ching.

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