Saturday, April 17, 2021

One Can't Love a Thought

What one loves is the space between the person.

Thinking otherwise is a common mistake.

It’s written in the Manyoshu:

third eyes unconditionally love each other.

Love is how Hafiz leaves this electric space

between each couplet in every one of his ghazals.

Listen lover, do you want to know a secret—

one can’t love a thought.

The space between the logic is the paradox.

Every koan is a love song—

the good ones make me want to cry.

Meditating presence IS loving the beloved.

fifteen footnotes in three acts

mistaking divine signs for earthly conspiracies is missing the point. the satguru speaks tao.

dreams change. being is being. the experience of being is love. we are loving that which makes one feel alive.

i am loving That is self-awareness.

i love hafiz so i shouldn't take ladinsky so personally.

love anything. it doesn't matter. one can't love a thought. one can only love the beloved. this is self-awareness 101.

did you hear the one about zhaozhou falling in the snow? basically he cries for help and a monk lies down beside him. so he gets up and leaves. lol!

and good sitcoms make me cry. it all started with mary tyler moore. all the way back to the dick van dyke show. freud would have a field day. fuck freud.

i'm a poet. of course i like talking to my self.

"i've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate"

consciousness is always talking to consciousness in reflexive self-awareness.

in the fog of personality it shall sound like emotion.

i second that emotion.

love plus thought equals an emotion.

emotion minus thought equals love.

there's a thought behind each emotion. love it out.

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