Monday, April 12, 2021

The Reality Express

Love is the substrate of the people as the absolute is the substrate of consciousness. Hate the thought, love the thinker.

It is what it is, is a paradox, because it isn’t. Everything is noumenal. There is no thing.

This doesn’t mean there’s nothing. Nothing is as much an object as it is. Any object, whether physical or mental,

is conceptual. A concept is a dream is an illusion. Love is the expression of the real. Thoughts are not.

To properly utilize a tool, one must love the tool for what it is, and not as what one is.

Seeing through belief is seeing in the mirror. Every rosebud is reflecting self-awareness. Every picture tells satori.

eleven footnotes

i love how schitt's creek has re-invigorated rosebud as a metaphor

listening to every picture tells a story 1974 and joe the fireman is pounding on the wall to turn it down!

there's no thing like nothing

if the manifest is the expression of the unmanifest, and consciousness is the expression of awareness, is love the expression of the real?

actually, it's true because it isn't

reboot big bang theory and call it, big bang tao

with a neo-nondual sheldon cooper

the mind is a tool. its function is division. its myth is a mirror. its finished good is self-awareness.

oh the spelling!

love is a thinker like joe the plumber

mind training is consciousness teaching love how to use the mind

the human mind is more powerful than an atomic bomb

like james bond but a license to think

the noumenal is phenomenal!

eat at tao's

you can get anything you want at alice's wonderland

the substrate and its expression. discuss in as few words as possible. make this your myth.

a paradox is contrary to popular conditioning

a paradox is a truth contrary to popular conditioning

for example, it appears you can't get there from here.

that would be a fact if all were not right here already

zeno is like the anti-trickster. the popular opinion, when brought to its logical, if absurd, conclusion is: you can't get there from here. but the truth actually is: out there is always in here. everything appears in consciousness. paradox ain't rocket science.

you can lead a horse to deconstruction but you can't make it drink the wonder

love it. don't believe it.

the mind dreams a dream but consciousness dreams a life

the mind uses concepts. consciousness uses gods.

scientific materialism uses theory. consciousness uses myth.

consciousness is not it

consciousness is the unknown being

only consciousness knows the unknown

consciousness is the secret knowledge

i am the lover and beloved. i am this and i am that.

the world is the tomb of the unknown being

rise from the tomb of the world, jesus!

take your own medicine, doctors of consciousness

be responsibly

a person is a god without intent

a god is consciousness without belief

consciousness is unknown without and within

the unknown is the unknown and that is all ye need to know

lover, be like god

god, be like being

being, be beyond

gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha!

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