Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Self-awareness Project

People are not born. We are imagined. Pure awareness appearing to be unaware is self-awareness seeing through itself. 

This song and dance of consciousness is unbelievably phenomenal. On the final ascent of the western slope is seen the sea of dawnland.

This virtual reality is all about the one forgetting zero. As the emperor of greenleaf is the oriole. Bee the buzz. 

Because there's no beginning, you'll never know the end, even if it's all you think about. April mixes memory and May.

By deconstructing the personal, the universal is absolute. It's projection, stupid. 

Writing myself into the canyon of death rode the ten thousand. Enjoy the film. I can't remember being born but I was taught death. 

I read Frost and I read Jack Kerouac and loved them side by each. Stuck inside of Lowell with the Salem blues again. 

Quick brown fox only attendance is required. Empire feeds on the thought of death. 

Understanding consciousness appears to be the only way. Que sera sera. Keep on being until it doesn't hurt.

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