Sunday, May 21, 2017

absolution if

There's absolutely no reason to know you're not. I like dreaming too. Like Always Dreaming v Classic Empire.

But it's as I am! Not all about me or as it is. Call me cloud computing. Or Ishmael.

The continent is my tail. The oceans are my mouth. Pangaea or Panthalassa. Black hole or big bang.

Zero one zero one zero one zero one. Broccoli or bacon. Paper or plastic.
Postmodernism means there is no meaning

but I am beyond meaning, Frankie Lee. As woke is prologue to awakening. Wednesday is prophecy. Saturday is revelation.

Love without deconstruction is Timothy Leary's dead. To repeat. Love is transmission. Transmision is being. Being is absolution.

If memory serves the great intent of the present. The holy ghost is that fleeting world where the unknown knows itself. Call it cherry blossom.

Call me cherry blossom. So call off the dogs of fear and enjoy. One is knowing oneself. Praise be!

Like the unknown knowing itself is as the world turns. Intent reminds. Whatever. First is love. So there is no second.

Thank you Socrates. Blessed is the valley of the Maharaj. Who iambic? Ten thousand causes. One result. No clue, amirite?

Feel the love and filter out the thought. Italicize this please. One two three four. Love love love love.

Act two. Always deconstruct before constructing. Love the one you love. Self-inquiry is the meaning of life. Who cares?

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