Friday, May 12, 2017


Division is the death we've all been born by its fear. Love may be an indirect path but every path appears to have a trailhead.

And the lock is always looking for its key until it sees the gate is gateless. As a child, I loved. Unborn again, I know I am, and that is love.

The dream may die when we awaken, but since love was never born, it's still there. And the only ghost is holy.

Possession is ninety-nine percent of the law, but the other one percent is rendered unto the one.

You cannot solicit the lord with prayer! And only those outside the law can deconstruct this nineteenth nervous empire for blessed is the one.

If self-awareness is intent, unawareness is like Zeno's Paradox. Ayuh, you can't get here from there.

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