Saturday, February 25, 2023

Waiting for Satguru


The universe controls illusion. Ignorance controls people.

Universal consciousness directs maya with the laws of nature and whatnot.

Ignorance misdirects personal consciousness until the knowledge of the satguru turns its head around.


As universal consciousness (Isvara) guides Maya (creatrix of intelligence, prakriti of sattva),

Avidya (creatrix of motion and matter, prakriti of rajas and tamas) dupes 

this individual consciousness called Jiva just waiting for the Satguru.



young’s myth of the self-reflexive universe fits into vidyarana’s advaitic one quite nicely


maya is why there will never be a unified theory of physics

you can’t unify physics without the metaphysics of illusion

the immutable nature of brahman will not let you


waiting for satguru is avidya’s inside joke

the one waiting for the satguru is the satguru


“I, Lalla, tried beyond trying in my search,

Discovering only my efforts had redoubled.

No matter what I did the door remained bolted.

By resolving only to stay there did I see

The door was my own doing.”


avidya dupes

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