Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Birth of Individual Consciousness

1. Subtle body reflects consciousness.

The subtle body is like a pond. Only the water reflects the sunlight. The shore doesn’t.

This all takes place in maya, of course, and for this reason, it’s called reflected consciousness. Here, the watcher is not the witness.

2. Subtle body identifies with reflection of consciousness.

Who wouldn’t?

3. Reflected consciousness lends sentience to subtle body/mind.

Only consciousness is the seer and only the seer is sentient. The subtle body is the seen and thus the subtle body is insentient.

And the subtle body refracts the light, becoming mind, intellect, and ego.

4. Sentient thoughts arise.

Not only is the mind sentient, its thoughts are sentient also. The fire is spreading.

5. Exponential sentient thought identifying with materialistic body. 6. The body is enlivened.

This hot knot of egoic thought lends sentience to an outer body. Focused light. Dry wood. Fire of samsara! The jiva is born.

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