Friday, February 17, 2023

notes to transcreating jiva


Some divide the drg drsya viveka into two, thinking the first 31 slokas are the real deal and the last 15 a later addition. 

For example, Tejomayananda only comments on the 31. Nikhilananda notes all 46. Who knows? After all, there’s questions as to authorship. Shankara? Vidyaranya? Bharati?

There is a progression in the 31 from the seen to nirvikalpa samadhi which seems to make it a whole. Whether it’s a whole part or a whole whole shall be argued by linguists. Mystics see these things differently.


Rather than beginning with the seen, the second part begins with the jiva, which considered further, is a particular version of the seen.

“Reality of jīva is to be understood in a threefold way. It means we look at the reality of jīva from three different standpoints. There is no threefold reality but there are three points of view of the same reality.” ~Dayananda

The logician in me wants to line up limitation-containment-identification, presentation-reflection-projection, and imagination-dreaming-illusion with satcitananda.


Like identification is not sat, reflection is not cit, imagination is not ananda.

Identification is not sat. Limiting oneself to the body-mind is a conditional existence. Such limitation is not pure existence.

The projection of consciousness is not cit but the reflection of consciousness is. Imagination is not ananda but love is.


I first learned the concept of continuous improvement in quality control. In nondoing, I see there is no continuous improvement.

There’s continuous change and adapting to it. A tour guide taught me this in Monument Valley when I asked her about the Navajo people and climate change.

The light reflecting in the water is light. The light moving in the water is water.

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