Saturday, February 4, 2023

On Maya, Knowledge, and Self-Inquiry

Mahamaya, or the great that which is not, has two superpowers: veiling and projecting.

Being ignorant of that which is: this is the veiling power of maya.

Creating a world in such a state of mind: this is the projecting power of maya.

One doesn't remove this maya by believing in her books. Maya is the root of all knowledge.

Removing the ignorance of that which is, is self-inquiry. Tattvamasi, this is the way.


Maya veils the rope and projects the snake—as in the rope is satcitananda and the snake is namarupa.  

Veiling—as soon as one appears, they make you feel born. 

Projecting—as in a dream is mindstuff but a world is dreamstuff.

Nihilism is appealing to the neo age. But only maya doesn’t exist.

Existence still is. Only a person could deny that.

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