Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Power of Satcitananda


Atman is to individual consciousness as brahman is to universal consciousness.

As the dream cannot know the dreamer in any fractal actuality of dreaming, transmigration must remain a mystery under the jurisdiction of maya, no matter how obvious fractal dreaming appears to be.

When I awaken, I still may know a dream or two. But my dreams have never known their dreamer. Lucid dreaming being the exception that proves the rule.

In other words, reincarnation is more than likely, but who knows.

No one looks for the dalai lama. The dalai lama looks for you.


Sat is cit

Like existence and consciousness

Existence-consciousness is ananda

Ananda being unconditional love


Sat is for the existence principle

Cit is for the awareness principle

And ananda is for the holistic principle

Satcitananda is the power of three.


What’s so funny about existence, awareness, and self-love?

On self-inquiry and myth-making

Sat is never in denial

Cit is never unaware even in deep sleep

Ananda is the nondual source of love.

Ananda is preventing advaita vedanta from becoming just another belief system.

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