Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Mystery of The Three Bodies

There are three bodies to every person: material, subtle, and causal.

The material body is the outer body completely inert and dependent on consciousness for sentience.

The subtle body is the inner inert one composed of two basic notes: energy and mind.

The mind is also binary in its essential nature and comprised of thinker and doer.

The thinker is the processor stuck between a zero and the one; the intelligence in this operation is the doer in duality.

The causal body is original ignorance and reflector of consciousness called the lover in this story.

For every lover, there’s 1, an object of desire like a missing half,

2, the procurement of this object making things whole again,

and 3. the temporary experience of this fulfillment for all worlds must end and start again.


1. There are five sheaths to every tristate.

2. The material body is also called the gross body or annamaya, the sheath of food.

3. This energy is the vital breath, the life force, pranamaya.

4/5. Unsurprisingly, the mind is actually of two minds: manomaya is to hamlet as vijnanamaya is to the decider. Both were tragic.

6. The causal body is the locus of avidya, before karma but after maya. For anandamaya is the lover.

7. Make the object of my desire, god, truth, reality, or my beloved!

8. May my procurement of this object be the end of me in thou, tattvamasi.

a. energy plus mind equals wave-particle equals the subtle body.

b. the body is made sentient by the subtle astral body which is made sentient by the reflection of consciousness in anandamaya.

c. if i am the doer in duality, who am i?

d. if anandamaya is i am.

e. anandamaya - maya = brahman.

to fish in the sea

water is the vital breath—

to human beings

the space of consciousness is


if this karmic subtle body equals

that astral body of energy and mind

this wave-particle body-mind equals

lucid dreaming


ignorance may be beginningless, birthless, and unborn,

but thank god, it's not eternal


as pure consciousness is i

the reflection of consciousness is i am


the body-mind cannot begin to sheath infinite consciousness but almost everybody thinks it does


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