Monday, February 13, 2023

on advaita vedanta


advaita vedanta is like distilled myth. but rather than starting with intoxicating stories of the mind, let's start with ten-thousand proof absolute.

begin at the beginning. what is the nature of an absolute godhead?

the nature of an absolute godhead is obviously unborn existence, immutable awareness, and wholly beloving.


given that this empirical world is none of the above, how could something so unbrahman be?

and if unbrahman be, then there is no brahman.

but advaita vedanta begins with brahman! therefore unbrahman cannot be.


unbrahman therefore must be an illusion, maya, dreamstate, name and form superimposed on satcitananda.

this is the genius of advaita vedanta as i see it. it doesn't start with creation. it establishes the nature of the absolute godhead, brahman, first.

rather than beginning in samsara, it establishes the primacy of nirvana. and since there is no samsara in nirvana, that's that.

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