Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ballad of That Being Said

If pure awareness is the absolute unknown, then self-awareness is that absolute's omnipotent quality of knowing that unknown. Further, as the absolute unknown is obviously unmanifest, self-awareness is

spontaneously manifestation itself. And mind is an integral aspect of this manifestation—like a crystal clear mirror hidden deep within its terminal basin, but, with time, is lost, within its irrational depths of division.

But the mind can't stop the mind from thinking, no matter what it thinks—only consciousness does. And this is why consciousness is always speaking to consciousness. Surrender, love.

Thinking is the shadow. It's not a matter for psychology and its mind games. Consciousness only is seeing through occlusion. Look, mind is the guts of enlightenment.

It isn't pretty but it does the trick. Also, divine imagination is not superfluous to the process of enlightenment as seen from a free-thinking mind. Mythology is a tool and not identity.

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