Saturday, February 16, 2019

Uncaused Caws and Wild Choruses

Absolute awareness is omnipresently and omnipotently self-aware of course, of Way, and mind is the necessary mirror in that evolutionary process which the body-mind calls self-awareness.

But mind gets lost within itself like a mirror reflecting in a mirror, like a river turning into whirlpools, like ten thousand rabbits emerging from a single rabbit hole.

Like an integrated part in usurpation of the universal holy holy holy whole, listen. Thinking is a fantastic tool but a very sorry identity. Crow caws the cause is crow but the chorus is walking on the wild side—

one sun, two riverbanks, a trinity of waves, the four directions. As thinking is more the tool, intuition is all non-doing. And the world is like a lover who left me in September and I am like the spring.

Incense, purple crocuses, and red-winged blackbirds; self-awareness is naturally reflexive in this way. Rock maple also rises. And returning to intent's desire is as a new car battery in New England.

Like ice out, the rising angle of the sun, weeping willows turning nature's greenest gold, if duality is in my DNA and separation is my social conditioning, then enlightenment is seeing through all birth and rebirth.


age is a fallacy of western science and space is a metaphor for that beyond creation

being that all gods are individually universal and love is the proof of god

mirror mirror circle game and through the living glass

remember, memory is either a double-edged sword or double entendre. self-awareness requires some kind of mirror image. this is called projection.

William Blake and William Cullen Bryant. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Longfellow, Frost, and Gary Snyder. Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Joni Mitchell. ella fitzgerald and duke ellington. after a long and cold new england winter, february appears to be psychotic, no matter what the weather. see jonathan edwards see nisargadatta maharaj, bankei, eckhart the first, lalla, cold mountain,

neither naturalism nor eternalism nor nihilism nor partiality nor emptiness but no point of view. knowing the unknown equals being, ultimate math is ultimate spinach and love is being despite appearances. birth and rebirth are both conceptual but being self-aware is unbelievable

less said, the more unknown

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