Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ballad of Burning Love

Not only can't I make a horse drink water, but it tries to lead me to its dry belief.

Look, nothing really matters but my individual experience of the universe, knowing they're the one and same.

Once I said it's said a bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved or said,

but one can also say the universe collapses knowing I'm the universe and all is absolutely fine and well unknown.

Listen, they say the essence of evolution is self-awareness. I say as is intent's desire. No reason for enlightenment, it is and isn't.

Following intent’s desire, resting in self-awareness, as the secondary reverie is dreamily returning, suddenly awaken to this manifest of love.


Enlightenment is in our DNA.
All arguments are personal. War is hell defending hell.
Note to self. Trademark individually universal.
To paraphrase the Diamond Sutra.
Theorizing relativity is the latest thinking.
Relax, enlightenment is just another word.
It's only esoterica but I like it.

Elvis lives. Life is an anagram.
A horse is a horse of course.
Being is what remains after postmodern deconstruction. It's called now.
The personal is a meme, wise guy.
I love the Christian mystic.
Pure awareness being self-aware. This is my bible.
In reality, self-awareness always be opening.

Projection is well-played.
Every individual is an emperor of ice cream.
Save your breath. Be a tree.
Don't particle that wave, my friend.
Simply speaking, self-awareness is enlightenment as seen within its so-called process.
As pure awareness is unclouded, self-awareness is the rainbow body.
Manifestation is analog. Enlightenment is digital.

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