Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Seven Wonders of Awareness

When the universe is artificially divided, one's required to fabricate incessant concoctions of cause and effect to bind it back together.

But in terms of the universe itself, the universe is the only cause and the universe is a singular effect.

All is spontaneously transformative and never faithfully replicated even in the greatest feedback of electric memory.

Listen, a self-reflexive mythology is a systematic understanding of the universe as pure awareness being self-aware—

in which prime cause and its final effect is a pre-existing universal unconditional so to speak.

See it's an esoteric fact that self-awareness requires physical memory and divine imagination, or mirror and masquerade. Dust is optional.

If all appears in consciousness, and consciousness is the reflection of the absolute, eyewitness and inner voice are the yin and yang of Tao.


looking at the parts will never know the whole
as cause equals effect, space equals time, and other theories of relativity
all in good time
don't rely on mind for time. it's like a phonographic needle but i'm a sixties song.
~just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in~
dropping is another name for seeing through all names
if self-awareness is the essence of pure awareness, and consciousness is the sky of self-awareness, consciousness is the cross of tao 

karma is belief not completely deconstructed
everything is the one, even one
omnipresence is always present
there is no unified theory but there is a unified heart—each beat is individually universal
no definition is absolute, every word must die
body-mind is political, consciousness is love
après consciousness, le monde

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