Saturday, February 10, 2024

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Causality is the nature of maya.

Not only is atman immortal, I am unborn.

Because cause and effect is the nature of duality, and no one can kill the snake appearing in a rope because illusion, it’s not why, why, why. It just isn’t.


Dreaming is the infinite regress of mind.

As a dream cannot know its dreamer and the dreamer cannot know the dream of a dreamer in its dream…

sudden enlightenment.


Unborn, nondual, and effortless, I, atman, am brahman, that,

as in never temporary, not two, and causeless:


the same pure consciousness

witnessing the dream states

is witnessing

the deep sleep dreamless state



welcome to the year

of the dragon south of hill

and north of river

my happy valley

is in this pleasant valley

but of the river

less than ten miles as

the crow flies is the great big

sea—that atlantic


the sea is to space

as the sun is to the black

whole jack kerouac

jack is down river

from ed mcmahon upriver

from leo bernstein

beyond all howling

turning off the mind relax

float downstream like tao


two red winged blackbirds arrive in the picture window thursday february eighth—earliest return appearance in my thirty years living in this valley.

all things change.

objects appear in the subject. the subject does not appear in the objective universe.

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