Tuesday, February 20, 2024

nonduality comics 240220

01. Crazy Cat, Crazy Cat, What

This consciousness is

to reflected consciousness

as a mirror will reflect

light on a wall

and drive all those cats crazy.

Like they know

the light


on the wall

is nothing but light.

02. Ode to Snake and Rope

In the old advaita

snake and rope analogy

the snake is nothing

but an appearance

in the rope

like magical reality—

there’s never anything

but the one

reality of rope.

03. ATTN

They say

the subtle body

(organic chemicals and

functional compounds)

reflects awareness

and is experienced

as consciousness,

the reflection of pure



I am.

04. untitled part ii



and after the movie,

there is nothing there

but a movie screen—

and the same witness

witnessing the dream

is witnessing

deep sleep as well.

05. ode to brahman

nirguna brahman is

pure consciousness.

saguna brahman is

universal consciousness—

individual consciousness is


every appearance in brahman is


and nothing but brahman.

06. attn est



nothing but

pure consciousness

blended with thought—

this ‘i am’ is the reflection

of pure existence

similarly metaphysical

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