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The Advaita Five (ndc 240203)

01. (that witness of deep sleep)

Attention isn't pure awareness—

attention is mind reflecting awareness.

This is ordinary awareness in avidya

but pure awareness is that witness of deep sleep as well as dreaming.

02 (believe it or not)

It takes some high kind of thought to deny existence—

in amanibhava, there is nothing but existence.

It takes the intelligence of maya to make a universe—

it takes avidya to believe it or not.

03 (not samsara)

Ananda is not to be defined as bliss

but as the locus in which bliss is.

Brahman is that locus.

Ananda is not samsara.

04. (dreaming)

The mind is turned off in both nirvikalpa samadhi and deep sleep—

samadhi has nothing to do with avidya.

From the default state of deep sleep— 

as the mind turns on, it’s called dreaming, and as the body turns on, dreaming is called waking.

05. (there's atman)

All duality is false but every trinity points to truth—this is called the power of three. Two trinities is called the power of seven, and so on.

In Advaita Vedanta, that Christian god-the-father is existence-awareness, asexual and nondual.

God the son is this self-luminous sun of that absolute awareness unknown by the mind and so called black hole. Maya is obviously the holy ghost.

God the ground is nirguna brahman. Universal consciousness is saguna brahman, aka Isvara.

Maya is the manifestation of absolute intelligence as te is to tao.

The big bang of yin and yang equals avidya.

First there is avidya, then there is no mountain, then there’s atman.

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