Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Grasshopper Epistles

1. triangulating consciousness

Either the world makes consciousness; 

consciousness creates the world; 

or consciousness is neither cause nor effect.

2. the consciousness trinity

The first ilk is called materialist—scientific, atheistic, postmodern. 

The second is called spiritualist—orthodox, modern, new age. 

And the third is nameless—changeless, birthless, nondual.

3. ode to maya

Although the world isn’t real, it’s not unreal either. 

This illusion (snake-rope, mirage-desert) is the essence of Maya. 

As Brahman is the name for the nameless, Maya is the name for all the names appearing in the nameless.

4. to nonduality and beyond

Yes, pure consciousness (aka awareness) is nameless and nondual

but the absolute is beyond nonduality as well. 

After the first thorn has been removed by the second thorn, both roses are thrown away, grasshopper.

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